The Textbook Of People's Education Edition Caused Controversy. Zhengyuanjie, The King Of Fairy Tales, Spoke Out

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The illustrations in the textbooks of the people's Education Edition caused controversy and rushed to the top of the hot search. Some netizens said that the eyes of the illustrators are strange and have no sense of beauty. Some netizens said that there is an obvious aesthetic gap between the illustrations in this version and those in other versions of teaching materials, which will affect the aesthetics of children. Today, zhengyuanjie, a contemporary Chinese writer and fairy tale king, said that I have always had views on the textbooks of the people's Education Edition, not only about illustrations, but also about mathematics textbooks. Under such circumstances, problems will arise sooner or later in compiling our textbooks**


Zhengyuanjie also pointed out that an editor in chief of the PEP textbook shamelessly smuggled his own articles into the Chinese textbook, which was too ugly to eat* Major events related to the future of the nation, such as the compilation of textbooks, should be completed by experts with both political integrity and ability. * at the same time, the opinions of all parties should be solicited through publicity before publication.

As for the disputes caused by the textbooks of the people's education press, the people's education press officially said that it has begun to redraw the covers and some illustrations of the mathematics textbooks of the relevant volumes, improve the painting style, improve the artistic level, and give full play to the educational role of the covers and illustrations of the textbooks.

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