The US Government Announced That It Would Set New Standards To Promote The Construction Of Electric Vehicle Charging Network

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On Thursday (June 9), local time, the White House announced on its official website that the Biden administration proposed to set a new standard for the electric vehicle charging network to achieve a national network consisting of 500000 charging stations by 2030. The proposed standard is expected to be published in the Federal Register next week. White House officials said that the proposal on minimum standards will help lay the foundation for the construction of charging station projects in various states. In the future, all U.S. drivers can use charging piles along the road regardless of location, electric vehicle brand or charging company.

The "national electric vehicle infrastructure" (nevi) program established under the bipartisan infrastructure act will provide a total of $5billion in formula funds to States to build charging infrastructure along highways; In addition, a $2.5 billion competitive grant will be provided to support charging facilities in the community.

U.S. Transportation Secretary butijig told the media, "we are not only concerned about the number of electric vehicle charging piles, but also about their quality. Everyone should be able to find a usable charging station at the time and place they need."

Under the bipartisan infrastructure act, the United States Department of energy and the Department of transportation established a joint office of energy and transportation. The statement said that today the office will also establish a new Federal Advisory Committee, called the "electric vehicle working group", to make recommendations on the development, adoption and integration of light, medium and heavy vehicles.

Officials said that the new standard will ensure uniformity within the charging network, and will also provide real-time information about pricing and location so that drivers can better plan their journeys. In addition, the new standard will specify the minimum number and type of charging points at each charging location.

"We are solving the problem of vehicle charging and drivers' mileage anxiety by ensuring the convenience and equality of charging stations, so that every American can take electric vehicles from the east coast to the west coast," energy secretary Graham said in a statement

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