Tiktok And Kwai Blocked The Hot Account Of Tangshan Beating Incident

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On June 12, Tiktok and Kwai announced the handling results of the "Tangshan beating incident" and other social hot events. Tiktok said that "Xiao er", "Teng *** Xing" and "Tang ** Shuai" and other accounts deliberately rubbed the heat related events and expressed irresponsible views on the victims. The 61 accounts mentioned above have been banned, banned from broadcasting and forbidden from speaking respectively* In addition, the platform also centrally disposed of 157 accounts that counterfeited others by modifying nicknames and other ways to win attention.

Tiktok said that during the patrol, the platform found that in some popular social hot events, a small number of accounts were used to gain attention, or to carry out counterfeiting, hot rubbing and other acts, or take the opportunity to release provocative content, or encourage others to commit illegal acts. The above words and deeds have greatly damaged the normal order of the platform.

In this regard, the platform resolutely cracked down, removed and deleted relevant videos and comments, and banned and forbidden relevant accounts.

Tiktok calls on users to work with the platform to maintain a healthy and orderly network ecology. If any illegal behaviors are found on the platform, they can report on the site or send details to the report mailbox: [email protected] 。 The platform will also actively cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on acts suspected of violating laws and crimes.

Kwai said that through the inspection, it was found that in some social hot events, individual users changed similar nicknames, pretended to be parties and created false information to confuse the public, which greatly affected the good network environment of the platform**

Kwai has checked the counterfeit account through technical means and manual review, and imposed penalties such as behavioral ban and permanent ban on the relevant account according to the violation. So far, 1442 illegal videos, 1130 comments and 37 illegal accounts have been processed.

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