Tiktok Executives Said That The Company "should Not Provide Maternity Leave" Triggered A Wave Of Departures From The UK Office

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On June 9, according to foreign media reports, the recent "cultural conflict" between the Chinese management team of Tiktok international tiktok and its London employees triggered a wave of resignation. Dozens of employees of tiktok shop UK station resigned collectively due to poor working conditions** It is reported that in October last year, tiktok's newly established e-commerce business tiktok shop launched its UK station.

Earlier this year, Joshua Ma, an executive of the parent company of tiktok in China, byte beat, came to London to investigate the opening of tiktok shop UK station. At the meeting, he said that as a capitalist, he did not think that enterprises should provide maternity leave. The remark aroused the indignation of London employees, who believed that the tough corporate culture brought by byteb from China conflicts with the relaxed office environment used by British employees.

This is just one of many conflicts. Members of the London e-commerce team said that they often work more than 12 hours a day. In addition, the company publicizes the behavior of working until the wee hours and during the holidays as a good example, while employees who go on vacation may face the situation of losing customers or being demoted after returning from the holidays. London based employees said that the heavy workload of the company has made their physical condition declining day by day.

A former team leader of tiktok in London also said: "this corporate culture is toxic. People's relationships are based on fear rather than cooperation. They don't care whether employees will be tired. What you don't do much is that people can replace you."

In response to this statement, a tiktok spokesman said that tiktok has a clear maternity leave policy in the UK, including 30 weeks of paid leave. During this period, employees can get 90% of their income on average. And a formal investigation has been launched into Joshua Ma's relevant remarks.

It is reported that since the launch of tiktok shop UK station, the London e-commerce team has at least 20 people, accounting for about half of the total number. The two employees who have left have also received settlement fees related to working conditions. Some of the remaining people also said they were ready to resign.

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