Total Amount Of 2billion: The US Side Has Used Rubles In Full To Pay The Cost Of US Astronauts Travelling On Russian Spacecraft

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According to the satellite news agency Moscow on June 11, Rogozin, general manager of the Russian National Aerospace Corporation, said that the US astronaut Mark van der hay flew to the international space station in a Russian spacecraft, and axiom space delayed paying the flight fee to the Russian Aerospace Corporation for one month**


On March 30, 2022, American astronaut Mark van der hae (left) and Russian cosmonauts peterdubrov (right) and Anton shkarplerov were on the Soyuz spacecraft. (issued by Xinhua News Agency)

According to the report, Rogozin said in the "Russia 24" TV program: "the full amount of money we received was not from NASA, but from Axiom space company, which acted as the intermediary of this mission. They promised us to pay before the end of May. They were a full month late, that is to say, there was a delay."

He pointed out that all funds had been paid in full in rubles.

It is reported that Rogozin previously said that Russia's State Aerospace Corporation has not received the flight expenses of American astronaut Mark van der hae to the international space station, with a total amount of 2billion rubles. Mark van der hay and two Russian astronauts flew to the international space station in a Russian "Soyuz" spacecraft on April 9, 2021. On March 31 this year, Mark van der hay returned to earth in another Soyuz spacecraft.

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