TSMC 2nm Process Phase I Plant Is Expected To Be Put Into Operation Before 2024

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Earlier this year, it was rumored that Japan and the United States would jointly develop 2nm process technology. Some investors worried that this would have a certain impact on TSMC. In this regard, TSMC said that it would not take it lightly, and its R & D expenditure would continue to increase. TSMC's 3nm process would be quite leading, and 2nm was developing, looking for solutions**


Today, according to the report of the economic daily, the environmental protection review documents related to TSMC's 2nm plant construction plan have been submitted for review, striving to pass the environmental impact assessment in the first half of next year, and then hand over to the local government for plant construction. The first phase plant is expected to be put into operation before the end of 2024**

At the end of last year, TSMC formally proposed the expansion plan of Zhongke. The plant covers an area of nearly 95 hectares, with a total investment of NT $800billion to NT $100billion. In the initial stage, it can create 4500 jobs.

According to the supply chain, TSMC plans to invest nearly 100 hectares of land to set up factories. In addition to the planned 2nm factory, subsequent 1nm factories may also be located here**

Based on this, the industry estimates that TSMC 2nm will be put into trial production as soon as 2024 and mass production in 2025, and then into 1nm, so as to update the "Amy" process of subsequent generations.

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