U.S. Department Of Transportation Sets Standards For The Construction Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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It was reported on June 10, Beijing time that the U.S. government was ready to invest 5billion dollars to support the construction of electric vehicle charging piles. On Thursday, the U.S. Department of transportation submitted a bill setting minimum standards and requirements for charging projects. According to the requirements of the bill, the government funded electric vehicle charging station must use DC fast chargers, with at least four charging ports, which can charge four vehicles at the same time, and each charging port must reach or exceed 150KW. In addition, the charging station cannot only be used by members.


Biden tried to persuade Congress to provide more funds to promote the transformation of electric vehicles, but Biden's efforts were blocked. Nevertheless, building a fast and reliable electric vehicle charging network in the United States is still extremely important for the transformation.

By 2030, Biden hopes that 50% of the new vehicles sold in the United States will be electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, and hopes that 500000 charging stations will be added in the United States. However, Biden does not support stopping the sale of fuel vehicles before 2030.

The Ministry of transport believes that the charging standard should ensure that the charging network funded by the government is user-friendly, reliable, accessible to all Americans, interoperable between different charging enterprises, and has similar payment systems, pricing information, and charging speed.

In addition, the regulations require all parties to ensure that the charging stations in the United States are connected and operated on the same software platform, and each state must use the federally funded charging port for at least 5 years. The electric vehicle charger should ensure that it can work normally in 97% of the time. A set of data standards should be developed so that the third-party app can provide real-time charging status information.

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