US Police Successfully Tracked Down A Suspected Habitual Thief Through Airtag

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After the backpack with airtag was stolen, the police in Charlotte, North Carolina successfully arrested a habitual thief suspect according to the location of the tracker Charlotte Mecklenburg police tracked the suspect using the information provided by the owner of airtag after receiving a report from Apple users


The police tracked the suspect's door through the "find my" app. During the door-to-door inquiry, the suspect jumped into his car and accelerated his escape. After a brief chase, javiere green was arrested by the police. According to wral According to an article on WWW. Greene. Com, Greene had been arrested five times before, including other thefts. In addition to six felony burglaries, the suspect was charged with 14 counts of damaging and entering a car and three counts of possessing stolen guns.

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