Walking "lamp Belt" Zhejiang Is Now 7 Cm Long Female Fluorescent: More Than 30 Light Spots All Over The Body

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Recently, a rare firefly, female firefly, was found in Dapanshan nature reserve, Pan'an, Zhejiang Province This female fluorescent is 7 cm long and has more than 30 light spots all over her body, just like a green light band It is understood that the female firefly is a branch of the firefly family. There are many species. There are great differences between male and female appearance. The female is yellow vermiform, and the male is black and has front and rear wings. This kind of insect is very rare.


Fireflies have the phenomenon of biological fluorescence. There are two main reasons for their luminescence. One is to warn predators to protect themselves. The second is to "generate electricity for love" and find a suitable spouse**

Relevant studies have shown that in Firefly species with flash communication, the pre mating selection of females will be realized through different responses to male flash signals**

Experts have found that the female photofluoridae has a very special feeding habit. It never eats the snails and earthworms that most fireflies like, and only preys on all kinds of horse land.

It is reported that Malu is a kind of invertebrate that likes to be wet and overcast. When it is endangered or touched, it will curl its body into a circle.

In recent years, due to habitat loss, artificial light and the excessive use of pesticides, the survival of firefly populations, including female fireflies, has been greatly threatened. Research shows that: of the more than 2000 known fireflies in the world, many firefly species are facing extinction**

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