The New Generation Of BMW X1 Real Car Was Exposed And Officially Sold Overseas In The Fourth Quarter

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Recently, it was reported that some overseas media took pictures of the real car of the new generation BMW X1 in the factory. The new car is built based on the FAAR platform architecture. Three different versions of fuel version, plug-in hybrid version and pure electric version (ix1) will be launched and officially SOLD overseas in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Although the power forms are different, the interior and exterior design of the car is basically the same. The front grille with double kidney shape is adopted, and the size is further increased. The headlamp group has been redesigned. The interior of the lamp chamber is a double "7" shape structure, which looks particularly fierce with the tusk decoration on both sides of the car head.

It should be noted that the real car photographed this time adopts silver paint. Under the reflection of the factory lights, it seems to have a sense of luxury car, which makes people love it at first sight and can't help looking at it more.

The side and tail of the new car are also very strong. The whole body is outlined with broken lines. The visual effect has a scientific and technological style. At the same time, it effectively improves its advanced sense against the backdrop of large-size rims.

Compared with the old model, the size of the new car has been further increased, its body length has been increased by 43mm, its width has been increased by 23mm, its height has been increased by 43mm, and its wheelbase has been increased by 22mm . The performance of the interior space has been further optimized. Of course, after domestic production, it is bound to be increased on this basis, so its space will even exceed that of big brother X3.

The interior has also been updated. It is equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 10.7-inch central control multimedia display. It also has built-in BMW's latest iDrive 8-car engine system. At the same time, it has abandoned BMW's most famous chicken leg gear lever and replaced it with a more compact paddle type electronic gear lever.

BMW said that almost all components of the suspension system of the new car have been completely redesigned, and the optional adaptive m suspension is provided for the first time, which can reduce the driving height by 15mm.

In terms of power, the fuel version is equipped with a 2.0T engine, with a maximum output of 241 HP, a peak torque of 400 nm, a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, and a 4WD . It is expected that the 1.5T version will be provided after domestic production to lower the purchase threshold.

The pure electric range of plug-in hybrid version can reach 88 km. In terms of charging, it is not impossible to be a pure tram in theory.

The pure electric ix1 is equipped with front and rear dual motors. The maximum output of the system is 313 horsepower, the peak torque is 493 nm, the zero hundred acceleration is 5.7 seconds, and the battery pack is 64.7kwh. it can provide a range of about 410 to 435 km (EPA working condition) .

After the new car comes into the market, Audi Q3 and Mercedes Benz gla will thoroughly meet their strong rivals. Among the 300000 BBA, BMW X1 will be the most preferred SUV.

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