"Watch Pioneer 2" Will Be The First Experience On Various Platforms In The Form Of F2P On October 4

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Blizzard Entertainment announced that "watch pioneer 2" will be launched in the form of earlyaccess free games on Playstation 5, xboxseries, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, switc and PC platforms on October 4.


"We can't wait to launch the first experience version of" watchman 2 "on October 4, and introduce an exciting new competitive vision, including amazing new content, as well as the re conception of iconic heroes, maps and game playing methods." Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment, said at the press conference. "This is the singularity of the era of permanent online and continuous development. We will once again promise to provide players with frequent and substantive update plans to maintain the freshness and fun of watchman 2 for many years to come."

Trailer for the release date of "watch pioneer 2"

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