What About Tesla Without Sunshade In Summer? The Car Owner Completed The God Refit With "one Yuan"

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For the sake of the permeability of the interior space, more and more cars begin to use a whole piece of glass canopy, and at the same time they are not equipped with sunshades. Although this can ensure the vision of the passengers in the car, the problem will follow, especially in summer, that is "too sun" **. Recently, a Tesla car owner came up with a coup that costs only 1 yuan to achieve the effect of physical sunscreen.


According to the photos on the Internet, the Tesla owner covered the ceiling of his car with newspapers, blocking the whole ceiling , although it may not be able to isolate the heat, it at least blocked the direct sunlight.

As the whole "love to dress" is too simple and rough, this scheme has been watched and discussed by netizens. Many people have said that Tesla engineers should jump up in anger if they see their scheme broken by a move by a big brother of China.

Others said that the simple, crude and effective car with only a glass ceiling and no sun visor is just playing hooligans. This time, I finally know how to crack it.

There are also many Tesla owners who say on-line that they have learned that every time they drive out in the summer, they feel that their scalp is suntanned, now they finally know how to deal with it. I will try it later .

Big brother probably didn't expect that his casual low-cost solution had struck a chord with so many people. I have to say that not a few people hate the glass canopy that can't be opened but doesn't have a sun blind.

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