Windows 11 Taskbar Weather Icon Is Dynamically Upgraded: Sports / Financial Information Can Be Displayed

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Through the small icon integrated into the windows 11 taskbar, users can view the weather and temperature of the day without clicking the icon. Although this function is very practical, not everyone pays much attention to weather information So Microsoft tried to improve this experience. Through dynamic icon information, users can now see real-time updates from sports and financial widgets, as well as sudden news alerts


If the user does not interact with this information, the icon will return to show the weather. Microsoft said, "we are trying some changes to bring more dynamic widget content to your taskbar. In addition to viewing real-time content from the weather widget, you will also start to see real-time updates from sports and finance widgets, as well as breaking news alerts.".

Microsoft continued: "through these widgets, you can learn about relevant important events faster and easier, and keep you informed of breaking news at any time. The content is designed to be fast and clear at a glance. If you click it, you can view more content in the widget board. However, if you do not interact with content updates, the taskbar will return to show you the weather.".

At present, this feature is not available to all users in dev channel, because Microsoft says it is using a phased approach, and then everyone can try it. Most likely, it will take several weeks for all users in the development channel to get support for dynamic widget content, obviously if no major problems are found.

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