YouTube Shorts Launches A "green Screen" Feature Similar To Tiktok

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YouTube is expanding its latest feature, which makes any public YouTube video a potential material for its tiktok competitor YouTube shorts Today, the company announced the launch of "green screen", a tool that will allow users to use any eligible YouTube video or up to 60 second video clips in YouTube shorts as the background of their new original shorts video

This feature adds some other effects that YouTube short film creators can now use. Like cut, YouTube introduced that the new green screen mixing function can be used for any public Youtube Video - unless the creator chooses to quit. The only exception is related to music videos, including copyrighted content from YouTube partners or other visual requirements. Like cut, any video made with a green screen contains a link back to the original content creator to facilitate attribution.

The company said that on IOS, creators can also use the green screen tool in the shorts camera to select any photo or video as the background from their device library.

At a time of intense competition with tiktok, YouTube decided to make videos on its platform available for remake in order to form a competitive advantage. It is worth noting that it defaults to opt out, which means that the video can basically be robbed unless otherwise specified by the creator. So far, the authors don't think that they will be eroded by another type of channel, because they don't think it will cause great repercussions.

Given the integration with YouTube content, green screen as the next new video effect of shorts is meaningful. In tiktok, similar functions are widely used, which allows creators to comment and refer to each other's content. But in the case of shorts, the original video creator is not necessarily the creator of shorts - they may only make long content for YouTube itself. This may reduce the appeal of the green screen tool as a community dialogue tool, because the people whose videos are cited may not even participate in the shorts community itself.

Google said that the new green screen tool will be launched on IOS today and will soon enter Android.

When asked why the company gave priority to IOS rather than Google's own mobile platform, YouTube only replied that it gave priority to the need for rapid action when launching new features.

"Our first priority is to bring the best experience to our creators as soon as possible. Sometimes this means that we bring specific functions to another platform before one platform," a company spokesman said

Before adding the green screen function, YouTube experienced a relatively difficult quarter. The company's advertising revenue did not meet expectations and only received $6.87 billion, compared with an expected $7.51 billion. YouTube attributed this to the lingering pandemic impact, saying that the slowdown in growth more reflected last year's earnings.

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