Zen5 Cooperates With Rdna3+ Amd APU To Rush To 3nm Process

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APU processor has always been one of the most popular products of AMD. Of course, in recent years, amd has been focusing on notebooks. At the fad 2022 analyst conference, amd announced a new APU roadmap and generously revealed the next two generations of products. The first is "pheonix point" (no longer using artists as code names), that is, the Reebok 7000h and Reebok 7000u series that will be released early next year, are manufactured by 4nm process with zen4 CPU architecture and rdna3 GPU architecture**

Zen4 was launched in the second half of this year on the Reebok 7000 series desktop processor, and rdna3 was launched in the second half of this year on the RX 7000 series desktop graphics card, which will soon be used in APU. this is also the fastest architecture follow-up in the history of APU**

Moreover, CPU, APU and graphics card have finally achieved parallel progress in serial number, which is not easy to be confused.

Next comes the "strix point". At the beginning of 2024, the Ruilong 8000h and Ruilong 8000u series were upgraded to zen5 CPU architecture and rdna3+ GPU architecture . The latter is obviously a small upgrade, which seems to imply that the next generation of independent graphics cards is also a small upgrade.

The manufacturing process is not clear. only says that it is an "advanced node", and the high probability is 3nm**

Interestingly, pheonix point and Strix point will join an independent AI engine (AIE for short), which is part of AMD xDNA suitability architecture IP and comes from Xilinx acquired

According to the introduction, amd AIE adopts adaptive interconnection design, which has extremely high flexibility. The AI engine part is used for high-performance and energy-efficient AI and signal processing, and the FPGA logic unit can accelerate AI for a wide range of applications, and each unit has a corresponding local cache to optimize the data flow.

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