360 Launched Anti Overtime Service: Turn Off The Computer Automatically On Time

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(picture from 360 official)

360 enterprise security cloud is designed to provide digital management services and solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has the advantages of "cloud native SaaS architecture", "enterprise level security protection" and "custom level management functions". Yesterday, 360 held the "2022 small and medium-sized enterprises Digital Forum on digital security". What was hotly discussed at this meeting was the new function of this "anti Involution". According to the official introduction, the enterprise security cloud has been favored by many small and medium-sized enterprises after its launch. There will be many managers with new ideas and thoughts in these enterprises, and this one click off function just meets the needs of these enterprises.

(picture from: Official microblog of 360 enterprise security cloud)

When the manager sets the mandatory off-duty time, the devices connected to the company's security cloud service will be forcibly locked at this time and cannot be opened again. However, it is still uncertain how high the priority of this function is, and whether it can be cracked by disconnecting the service or restarting the device As soon as the news of the upcoming launch of this function came out, it immediately aroused heated discussion among netizens. The most concerned question is still: if you have to work overtime at home without working overtime in the company, will there be no overtime pay

(picture from: 360 Enterprise Security Cloud official website)

The overtime culture is not a workplace culture that has emerged in recent years, but it has become more and more obvious in recent years. According to the survey report on the truth about working overtime, 29% of workers believe that "inefficiency caused by improper workflow arrangement" is an important reason for working overtime. 89% of the respondents believe that "it is a good employee to leave work on time", while meaningless overtime is considered to be the norm in the current workplace. Although in the world, how to balance working hours and work efficiency has become one of the core issues discussed by sociologists, there is still no universal solution. For example, the UK has introduced a four-day work week, but this obviously does not apply to most industries.

As the first enterprise to combine overtime culture with product functions, 360 also takes into account the real needs of migrant workers while providing services for the company. It is also hoped that 360 will not only take "anti Involution" as the product slogan, but also really provide better services to enterprises and employees after the function is launched.

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