715 Finalists Were Born. The 2022 Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition Announced The List Of Finalists

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On June 10, the 2022 Alibaba global mathematics competition announced the final list. A total of 715 finalists from more than 50000 applicants, with a promotion rate of 1.3%. According to the information filled in by the contestants, more than 40% of the seats in the "final circle" are occupied by the "post 00". The preliminary contest was held in April. The total score of the preliminary contest was 100 points, the promotion line was 35 points, and the highest score was 97 points. It was created by a "Post-00" player from MIT.

The finalists graduated from or studied in 171 schools in 21 countries, covering more than half of the top 100 universities specialized in Mathematics in the world. The educational background of the finalists covered junior high school (5), senior high school (80), undergraduate (343), master's (118) and doctoral (169). The number of middle school students doubled over last year.

The 23-year-old official association comes from Jiangxi Institute of Applied Science and technology. He once loved playing games. He brought the spirit of "scoring" into mathematics research. "He fell in love with mathematics and put down his mobile phone." he won the final ticket with 42 points for the second time this year. After receiving the promotion email, Wang Runqiu, from the Mathematics Department of Jiangsu University, immediately aired it, "finally, I have finished the problem for 1% at a time. Fortunately, I will compete with the mathematical gods all over the world." Nguyen, a Vietnamese player who has participated in many international mathematical competitions, applied for the Ali global mathematics competition for the first time. He found that "Asai" was more a test of his research and innovation ability, which fascinated him.

Hardy, a British mathematician, once asserted that mathematics is more like a game for young people than any other art or science. The young faces in the "Asai" finals really make people feel the vigorous spirit of the "math boy". However, Li Bei, a member of the Organizing Committee of the competition, said that in the world of mathematics, "boxing is afraid of youth" is not the rule. Many mathematicians do not achieve their peak achievements until they are middle-aged or even later. For the majority of math lovers, enjoying mathematics is a lifelong pleasure.

"Heroes don't ask where they come from". This global event, which has no entry threshold, has explored the "mathematical combat power" and the spirit of enjoying the competition of math enthusiasts from 8 to 80 years old, including professionals, retirees and non math professionals. Compared with "math teenagers", the contestants in the "finals" this time include medical and health workers, cultural and social security workers and other professionals.

It is reported that the final will be held from 8:00 to 24:00 Beijing time on June 18, with a duration of 16 hours. Players can choose to answer questions online for 8 consecutive hours according to their respective time zones. The competition questions are divided into five circuits: algebra and number theory, geometry and topology, analysis and equations, applied and computational mathematics, combination and probability. Each player should choose one master and one pair of two circuits to answer.

Alibaba global mathematics competition has been held for four times so far, and nearly 200000 people from all over the world have participated enthusiastically. The organizer expressed the hope that every mathematics enthusiast would enjoy mathematics, happiness first and competition second. It also hoped that all sectors of society would pay more attention to mathematics and support mathematical research.

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