A 9-year-old Girl Was Sucked Into Her Scalp By Ticks For 1 Month, And The Doctor Warned Not To Pull It Out Without Authorization

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As the temperature rose, many insects and ants began to become active, including ticks that made many people afraid. According to the @ star video report, on June 9, Xiaoya, a 9-year-old student in grade 3 of primary school in Hunan Province, suddenly grew a "mole" close to her skin color on her head more than a month ago. Xiaoya's mother found that the mole "grew" very quickly. She was afraid of malignant transformation, so she took her to the hospital.


After careful examination, the doctor found that the "mole" was actually a live tick, its head had been inserted into the scalp, leaving only the belly close to the skin color , which felt soft. Then he took medical measures to help Xiaoya deal with the tick.

Fortunately, Xiaoya did not have local symptoms of redness, swelling and pain, nor did she have chills, fever and other discomfort. She was in good overall condition.

However, do not underestimate this humble tick. According to the doctor, ticks carry a variety of germs. Biting may lead to forest encephalitis, fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome, tick borne typhus, Lyme disease, etc. serious and even life-threatening , especially the elderly and people with underlying diseases need to pay extra attention to protection

The doctor also suggested that do not drag after being bitten. The broken tick mouthparts in the skin will increase the risk of infection ; Wear hats, tighten cuffs and trouser legs when traveling in the wild, take a bath and change clothes in time after returning home to prevent ticks from taking home; At the same time, avoid letting pets go to places with lush vegetation, and do a good job of regular insect repellent.

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