Actor Shen Wei Died At The Age Of 71, Known As The Most Classic Villain In Hong Kong Film

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According to Hong Kong media It is reported that Hong Kong veteran actor Shen Wei died on June 9 at the age of 71. Shen Wei has played a supporting role in many well-known film and television dramas, such as police story 3: Super police, supremacy and pride in the Jianghu. In more than 100 of his works, he mainly plays villains. In 1985, he won the best supporting actor at the 4th Hong Kong Film Awards in 1985 for his role as "Artest" in "provincial and Hong Kong Flag men".


Shen Wei has also been involved in behind the scenes work. He has directed two films, the last big man in the Jianghu and the bad guy who refutes his feet. In 2021, he participated in Tencent's online drama layout with veteran actor Zeng Jiang, who just died in April

Shen Wei is good at playing villains and has played many bad guys over the years. He has acted in classic Hong Kong films such as "Police Story 3", "supreme", "righteousness covers the sky" and so on. Later, he also served in TVB, and performed such dramas as Dao Ma Dan, Xiaoao Jianghu, and guangchanglong.

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