Amd Engineers Patch The Classic Stand-alone 21 Years Ago: The Picture Is Changing

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Amd Engineers actually remembered a classic stand-alone game "return to Castle Wolfenstein" 21 years ago, which was also marked with mod. His name is dihara wijetunga, a senior engineer of AMD graphics research and development. He created a new project called iortcw. In addition to adding dx12 support to this game, he even added path tracking mod. The gap between new and old images is particularly obvious**


Path tracing is a basic form of ray tracing. The light path is simple and simple. It can improve the picture effect by adding ray random bounce through non-linear number and carrying the color information on the path.

It is understood that the "German headquarters" series is known as the originator of FPS (first person shooting). The German headquarters 3D was one year earlier than the destroyer.

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