The New Notepad Of Windows 11 Is Exposed To Have Performance Problems. It Is Slow To Process A Large Amount Of Text Compared With The Original Version

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After testing a limited number of users a few weeks ago, Microsoft provided upgraded Notepad to all windows 11 users. The new Notepad matches the new look of the operating system. Like drawing and other office applications, it has been updated to "smooth design" with rounded corners in many places. Notepad is also compatible with the dark mode. The experience in the dark mode of windows 11 looks very consistent.

It even comes with new fonts for buttons, menus and more. This is the most important update of Notepad for many years, because the overall interface of the application has not changed for several years.

Notepad has always been windows Is a simple and fast text editing application, but the operation on Windows 11 is slower than the previous original application. Several feedback center posts highlighted performance issues with the notepad application, including an error where vertical scrolling doesn't feel smooth.

"The vertical scrolling animation in Notepad 11 doesn't feel right and is inconsistent with other windows applications (explorer has no animation at all, just scrolls by the configured number of lines, and the settings and edges scroll at a fast speed)." One of the affected users pointed out, "it either doesn't scroll at all, or it scrolls faster."

Another problem is that when users paste up to 50000 lines of text from applications such as Microsoft Excel, the lag problem of Notepad becomes more obvious, which did not exist before. The user pointed out that the loading time of Notepad is "infinitely slow, and actually never ends". In addition, pasting text copied from Notepad itself is also very slow. It is quite fast in the Win32 version.

If you search "NOTEPAD", you can find similar reports in the feedback center.

Fortunately, Microsoft has admitted that there is a performance problem with Notepad, which will be fixed in the next update under test. According to the Microsoft team, the next update to Notepad brings additional performance improvements when users scroll through very large files or replace large amounts of text.

For example, if you copy text from a word document, paste it into Notepad, and try scrolling, Notepad will no longer run slowly. Microsoft is also improving the accessibility of screen readers and text zooming. The update now takes advantage of assistive technologies already available in the operating system.

Microsoft also updated the Notepad to support arm64, so the performance of 11.2204 on arm64 devices will be better.

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