AMD, Once Almost Bankrupt, Rushed To The Third Place In The World In The Chip Industry

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The chip design industry is booming! According to the latest report released by trendforce, **in the first quarter of 2022, the total revenue of global fabless chip design manufacturers reached US $394.27 billion, up 44% year-on-year**, and almost all major manufacturers achieved growth** Qualcomm and NVIDIA continued to rank first and second * *, with quarterly revenues of US $95.48 billion (excluding revenue from licensing business) and US $79.04 billion respectively, with year-on-year growth rates of 53% and 52% respectively, which can be described as going hand in hand.

Broadcom ranked third, but its revenue of US $61.1 billion "only" increased by 26%.

Amd has quickly caught up, and the business of merging Xilinx and cpu/gpu is booming. Its revenue soared by 71% to $58.87 billion, less than 4% from Broadcom

If the newly acquired pensando is added in the future, the newly released roadmap of Ruilong cpu/apu, Xiaolong CPU, graphics card and computing card is also exciting, and it is no surprise that AMD overtakes Broadcom into the top three.

Who would have thought that AMD, which almost went bankrupt six or seven years ago, could have such a shining moment today.

MediaTek was pushed to the fourth place by AMD, but its revenue actually increased by 32%, exceeding US $50billion

Marvell Meiman electronics rose 73% from ninth to sixth.

Novatek Lianyong technology from Shanghai, China, increased revenue by 38%, but fell from sixth to seventh

Realtek Ruiyu maintained the eighth place.

Xilinx and dialgo were acquired by AMD and Renesas respectively and no longer participated in the ranking. As a result, Shanghai Weill semiconductor and cirrus logic were among the top10, but the former was the only one with declining revenue.

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