How To Unbind The Mobile Phone Number With One Click When Changing An Account? Official Service Is Coming

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*It's easy to change your mobile number, but there are still troubles before and after the change, you know? That is, what to do with a series of network accounts corresponding to the mobile phone number. There are two troublesome steps: * step 1: discard the old number: many accounts bound to the old number, such as shopping websites, short videos, games, etc., can log in with SMS numbers, so you have to log out of these accounts first. Otherwise, after a period of time after your old phone number is logged out, the number will be enabled by the operator again, So that the new user of this number can use the authentication code to log in.

Figure 1 many Internet accounts support authentication code login

Step 2: enable new numbers: if you get a new number that no one has used, it's OK. However, if you get the number that is restarted after cancellation, and the previous one of the number has not performed the cancellation of the bound account, you will encounter the problem of "this number has been registered" when applying for a new account.

Then what shall I do?

What must be done before discarding numbers

For step 1, we can only cancel the previously registered accounts one by one according to our memories before canceling the old numbers, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble (some websites hide the account cancellation function deeply). However, there are still some websites that do not provide account cancellation services, so we have to clear the relevant information in the account to avoid privacy disclosure.

There are some things that must be cancelled: various instant messaging tools, various short videos, bank bound mobile phone numbers (this is estimated to be handled at the Internet), various shopping websites, payment tools, and various social tools (not comprehensive!)

Figure 2 discard the mobile phone number and remember to cancel the account

As for the small partners who have registered too many accounts and don't remember those who have registered accounts on the website, we can't help them. After all, Xiaobian is also one of them. Originally, the "No. 1 General Query" to be introduced below has a one click query function. However, at present, it is in the testing stage and has some problems, so it is offline. However, even if there is an entrance, the Internet accounts queried are not comprehensive.

Please go to the business hall to cancel your mobile phone number!

What if the new account number has been registered

For step 2, there may be a quick way to deal with it in the near future, that is, the one click unbinding internet account service for mobile phone numbers launched by the "No. 1 general search" under the China Academy of information and communications. Using it, you can apply for unbinding the internet account that the new number is bound to before logging off and restarting. Unfortunately, the service went offline again soon after it went online. The official said that it was currently in the testing stage, and the name of the official account was changed from "No. 1 access" to "code number service platform".

Figure 3 the "No. 1 general check" was renamed as "code number service platform" shortly after its launch, and the service was suspended

When the "No. 1 general check" was just launched, we were lucky to have access to this function. Here is a brief introduction.

Specific operations: wechat → search → general query on No. 1 → general query on No. 1 official account → enter official account → lower service bar → number binding → one click unbinding → enter mobile phone number → query → check the internet account to be cancelled → apply for unbinding → enter user information → submit.

Figure 4 input mobile phone number Figure 5 input user information to apply for unbinding

According to our test, the service scope of "one-stop check" includes the unbinding of 7 mainstream Internet accounts, including Weibo, Taobao, meituan, Dianping, Tiktok, today's headlines and Xiaomi.

Service description of "No. 1 general check":

  1. Number binding "one click query" service: it provides the query of the internet account registered and bound during the period of holding the number.
  2. The "one click unbinding" service for number binding: it provides the internet account Association of the number registration binding before releasing the number I hold (i.e. before the number is cancelled and restarted) (the internet account bound during the period I hold the number will not be affected).
  3. Mobile phone users of Chinatelecom, China Mobile and China Unicom on the Internet (excluding users transferred in with numbers before 2021) can apply for the service.
  4. The Internet applications covered by this service are microblog, Taobao, Tiktok, today's headlines, meituan, public comments, Xiaomi ecology, etc. the specific application page shall prevail.

It has to be said that the No. 1 inspection service is still very easy to use. Unfortunately, it has been temporarily offline. According to previous user feedback, there are some bugs. For example, using the query function will cancel the corresponding account of the mobile phone. I hope the problem can be fixed as soon as possible and the service can be brought back online.


The No. 1 check service is very good. However, during our previous experience, we found that there are still relatively few Internet accounts supported. We hope to support more and more Internet accounts in the future. In fact, the most convenient method may be that the major operators automatically cancel the Internet accounts registered before the mobile phone number is cancelled and restarted, but the implementation is very complicated. I hope the "No. 1 general check" / "code number service platform" can resume service as soon as possible to meet everyone's needs.

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