Based On The K-9 Mail Open Source Project, Mozilla Confirms That Thunderbird Will Log On To The Android Platform

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Thunderbird has a history of nearly 20 years. Mozilla seems to re inject more resources into the project. Not only the development progress is accelerated, but also the team behind the project is expanding Mozilla now confirms that Thunderbird will be ported to the Android platform

However, it may take at least several years of development and version change to enable Thunderbird to log on to the Android platform and realize all existing functions. Therefore, the Thunderbird team is taking a different approach: using K-9 mail for Android. K-9 is also an open source project (named after the robot dog in Dr. Mystery). It may be the most feature rich e-mail application on Android, and does not require external servers or proprietary services.

Christian Ketterer (also known as "cketi"), the maintainer of K-9, has joined the Thunderbird team. "Thunderbird will use its financial and development resources to improve K-9 mail, add new features, and improve the user interface," Mozilla said in its announcement. The goal is that once enough progress is made, K-9 mail will be renamed Thunderbird for Android.

Mozilla's current roadmap for K-9 includes improved folder management, automatic account configuration similar to Thunderbird desktop, message filters, and some degree of synchronization between desktop and mobile using Firefox sync. Thunderbird's non email functions (calendar, tasks, feeds, etc.) will not appear in mobile applications, at least in the early stage - the team is "still discussing how to best achieve this".

Since K-9 mail will gradually become Thunderbird for Android in the next few months, technically speaking, you can get it now by installing K-9. However, Mozilla warns that the interface "may change several times" as development progresses.

Thunderbird also plans to( ) And ipad An application is provided, but there is no (public) plan at present. K-9 email cannot be used for iPhone and iPad, so Mozilla will have to build the ios/ipados platform from scratch, or acquire / share another mobile app to reshape the brand.

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