Chen He, Who Was Questioned About "cutting Leeks", Responded To The Business Dispute Of Xianhezhuang: I Will Always Be With You

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On the morning of June 11, actor Chen he issued a statement to respond to the business dispute of Xianhezhuang. Chen he said that for Xianhezhuang brand, I will always maintain the identity of founder and join hands with franchisees of all stores, and will always be with you. At the same time, in response to these online queries, I have taken the initiative to explain the situation to the relevant departments, and welcome the competent departments at all levels and the general public to supervise me and the Xianhezhuang brand**

Chen he said that under the epidemic situation, the catering industry is struggling to survive, but Xianhezhuang will not relax its requirements for itself and will spare no effort to help more stores develop healthily.

"Xianhezhuang is a young brand. I will assume the responsibility of the brand founder, always pay attention to and strive to maintain the healthy development of the brand."

On June 8, @ Xianhezhuang Luwei hotpot issued a statement on "rights protection of franchisees": it was malicious rumors that Chen he collected "240million franchise fees" and "370million franchise fees", and Chen he neither received nor could have received any money from the company. "As for fabricating facts and using subjective malicious words such as' cutting leeks' and 'running away' to attack, our company will also safeguard the legitimate rights and interests through legal channels."

Recently, Xianhezhuang was questioned about cutting leeks, and was collectively defended by franchisees. The withdrawal of shareholders of Chen he's shareholding enterprises also triggered heated discussions. Some netizens said that Chen he had drawn a clear line with Xianhezhuang, and all of his social platforms had found no sign of Xianhezhuang**

According to tianyancha app, in May this year, Fujian Xianhezhuang brand management partnership (limited partnership) held by Chen he withdrew from the shareholder list of Fujian Xianhezhuang catering Investment Management Co., Ltd., which was renamed Fujian Xianhezhuang catering Co., Ltd.

At present, Chen he has no equity relationship with Fujian Xianhezhuang catering Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Chengdu Xianhezhuang Brand Management Co., Ltd., except that the name of the shareholding partnership still bears the words "Xianhezhuang".

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