China Automobile Association: The Sales Volume Of New Energy Vehicles In May Increased By 105% Year On Year

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Affected by favorable factors, automobile production and sales showed a significant recovery growth in May. The output of passenger cars has been higher than that of the same period, while the sales volume is slightly lower than that of the same period, and the recovery is good; The recovery of the commercial vehicle market is obviously insufficient, and the production and sales still show a significant decline year-on-year. The performance of new energy vehicles is still outstanding. This month's export performance was also outstanding, with the export volume hitting a new high this year.


Original title: industrial operation - economic operation of automobile industry in May 2022

We believe that as a pillar industry of the national economy, the automobile industry has strong development resilience and vitality. Through the joint efforts of all parties, it will soon return to the normal operation track. We are full of confidence in maintaining stable growth throughout the year.

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