Is The Apple MagSafe External Battery Purchased For More Than 400 Yuan An IQ Tax?

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Last month, I started an iPhone 13 Mini. After using it for a period of time, my biggest feeling is that it is small but has strong performance, but the only drawback is its average endurance. Maybe just buying a power bank can solve my troubles, but a power bank bigger than a mobile phone instantly increases the pressure in my pocket.

Suddenly, I remembered that Apple had released MagSafe external battery. Under the temptation of a platform subsidy, I pocketed it at a price of more than 400 yuan. To be on the safe side, the first time we received the goods was to check whether the MagSafe external battery overturned. After all, Huaqiangbei's "black technology" made Apple CEO cook ashamed.

Step 1: see the bare metal adsorption animation, and the display is normal.

Step 2: put on the original MagSafe protective case of iPhone and check the adsorption animation. The display is still normal.

After the battery is adsorbed, open the setting - General - about this machine. There is the option of MagSafe external battery.

No doubt it is genuine. Get off safely and start the text.

After the smart battery case tried to clip the battery in the back, it was MagSafe external battery

As early as the iPhone 6 era, Apple launched the smart battery case back clip battery to increase the iPhone's endurance. Abu, a colleague who used the smart battery case to clip the battery on the back, and I roast that it is large and heavy. Especially after the full screen iPhone XS was replaced, the frame was finally narrowed back to the "horse running side". Moreover, the overall size of the whole machine was enlarged, which greatly affected the grip feeling.

(smart battery case with battery clamped on the back, with the figure provided by Abu)

Thanks to the energy efficiency ratio of the A15 chip, the endurance level of the iPhone 13 series has been greatly improved. According to the data of the pconline product library, among the models of the same size and performance, The endurance level of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the "Super Cup" of the iPhone 13 series ranks first, while the endurance level of the iPhone 13 Mini in the "Super Cup" has approached that of the iPhone 12. However, for users who use their mobile phones frequently, the 2438mah battery built-in in in the iPhone 13 Mini is still very reluctant to survive a whole day under normal use.

In the early morning of July 14, 2021, Apple launched the MagSafe external battery, which costs 749 yuan. According to the description on Apple's official website, MagSafe external battery magnets can be accurately aligned and closely fitted, and can be automatically charged without manual switch, without interfering with the use of credit cards or car keys. It can be equipped with a higher power charger to improve the charging speed. It can charge the equipment with a maximum power of 15W.

MagSafe external battery is new and meets Apple's consistent obsessive-compulsive disorder standard

The weight of MagSafe external battery is 113g, and the matching weight of iPhone 13 Mini bare metal is 253g. The total weight of MagSafe leather protective case is nearly 280g.

(please ignore the battle ready MagSafe leather case)

I experienced the adsorption strength of MagSafe external battery on different mobile phone cases, and got a subjective feeling of fitting strength. Among them, the adsorption force is the strongest when the protective sleeve is not worn, and it requires special strength to separate the mobile phone from the external battery; The original magnetic protective sleeve has little difference in adsorption strength and is firm; The adsorption strength of the protective case without magnetic suction ring depends on the material and thickness. Therefore, it is recommended that small partners using MagSafe external batteries use a protective sleeve with magnetic suction.

When the MagSafe external battery is attached to the bare metal of the iPhone 13 mini, in addition to being thicker, the bottom and two sides of the battery are perfectly flush with the edge of the phone. It seems that there is no smart battery case back clip battery in the silicone cover version.

The advantage of MagSafe external battery is that you don't have to worry about blocking the speaker. By using the bending of the tiger's mouth, the increased thickness is not obvious. Compared with the battery embedded in the mobile phone case, the ultimate stability of the magnetic attraction method is still a little poor.

The feeling of carrying the iPhone 13 Mini with MagSafe external battery in your pocket is no different from that of ordinary mobile phones. Although the volume does not increase significantly, it still feels heavy.

The MagSafe external battery has only one white color. The back case has been frosted to prevent fingerprints, but it should avoid being scratched by sharp objects. The arc surface treatment at the junction of face and face makes MagSafe's external battery hold in the hand without touching the hand, which is very close to the arc of the palm.

The fitting surface of MagSafe external battery is mostly covered by skin friendly silicone material, which has certain elasticity and friction. After adsorbing the mobile phone, it can ensure a stable fitting without damaging the contact surface. The hollow part is the shape of the magnetic attraction device. The circular ring is the charging position of the magnetic attraction, and the lower section of the strip is the position of the positioning magnet.

At the bottom is the ancestral lighting interface, but it seems that the opening will be a little larger than that of the mobile phone. The same interface as the mobile phone can maximize the use of the charging cable at hand, which is very convenient.

Apple MagSafe external battery, an "unqualified power bank"

In order to explore the role of MagSafe external battery in the battery life of mobile phones, I decided to use three different scenarios for experience testing.

First of all, fully charge the external battery and the mobile phone, and count the changes in the battery after 10 hours of infrequent use. The results show that the battery power of the mobile phone will be maintained from 100% to about 90%, while the battery power of the external battery has been declining. After 10 hours, the battery power of the MagSafe external battery remains 35%, while the actual battery power of the mobile phone is still maintained at about 90%.

If you want the MagSafe external battery to continuously supply power for more than 90%, you can draw at the top right of the screen, call out the control center, and then long press the icon of low battery mode, and check the option of "charging more than 90%". It is measured that after this option is turned on, the peak power of the mobile phone does not change much.

(the first step to fully charge the iPhone with the external battery)

(the second step of charging iPhone with external battery)

According to the data from the first scenario, the MagSafe external battery can maintain the power of the mobile phone for a long time without heavy use of the mobile phone. Then, I discharged the mobile phone to a lower level, fitted the fully charged external battery, and counted the power every 10 minutes, with a total duration of 1 hour.

From the data, it is indeed the MagSafe external battery that is storing power for the mobile phone, but the conversion rate seems not high. After more than an hour, open the mobile phone again to check. The MagSafe battery is only 1% and the mobile phone battery is just fixed at 90%. It can be said that a fully charged MagSafe external battery can provide an additional 67% of the iPhone 13 Mini's power while charging.

(after 2 hours, the power level of mobile phone and external battery)

Finally, with the fully charged MagSafe external battery, run 60 frames of high-quality Protoss and leisure games for 0.5 hours each, and count the power every 5 minutes.

However, MagSafe's external battery chose "strike", and the power remained unchanged throughout the whole process. In fact, because the iPhone 13 MINI has a small body and is designed with a double-layer motherboard, it is difficult to dissipate the accumulated heat generated during the game. At the same time, the MagSafe external battery will also generate a lot of heat during work. In order to control the temperature, the mobile phone adopts a conservative strategy. Therefore, there will be an embarrassing situation that the MagSafe external battery cannot be charged when playing games. This is also the main reason why the MagSafe external battery is sprayed with "IQ tax".

Not only is it a game, as long as the screen is on for a long time, MagSafe's external battery will also strike. In the previous data, the battery power of the mobile phone used infrequently for 10 hours is OK, but if you brush the circle of friends or watch videos too far, the battery power of the mobile phone is basically reduced.

According to the data of the above test scenarios, MagSafe external battery is a "delicate" power maintenance tool. It is superior to small size, no cable and strong adsorption. Non heavy use can maintain the high power of iPhone 13 Mini for a day, but it may be disappointing to use it as a power bank.

I found that most devices that support wireless charging can also use MagSafe external batteries. Colleague Abu tried to put his iPhone XS on the MagSafe external battery. Although there is no magnetic attraction, it can also be charged. Later, I also tried to put the airpods pro and some Android phones that support wireless charging on the MagSafe external battery, and the charging function also works normally.

MagSafe external battery is probably only suitable for non heavy users of iPhone Mini Series

Before purchasing MagSafe external battery, I have browsed the subjective evaluation of many media and up owners. Most of the voices are "IQ tax", "slow and dissatisfied charging" and "not recommended to buy". There is also real data support behind these conclusions. According to the level of similar size rechargeable treasure or back clip battery in the market, MagSafe external battery is indeed "luxurious and difficult to use".

However, the capacity and volume of MagSafe's external battery are tailor-made for the iPhone mini series. If it is used for the iPhone with a larger screen, this power is probably just a drop in the bucket; Secondly, MagSafe external battery is more suitable for mild users, and it can minimize the use of mobile phones when the external battery is charged.

Its real function is to maintain the mobile phone power at a high level by moistening things silently, slow down the aging of the mobile phone battery, and enable iPhone users without good charging habits to "stop loss" on the battery in time. After all, the air tightness of mobile phones that have changed batteries will be affected more or less, and the pricing of second-hand sales will also be affected.

(the battery life of my iPhone 13 Mini is less than 2 months.)

The awkward situation of MagSafe's external battery is no less than the polishing cloth on Apple's official website. An apple polishing cloth priced at 145 yuan does not clean the screen as well as the net red mirror wiping cloth priced at one tenth of the price. Apple MagSafe has an external battery with a capacity of only 2920mah. The charging conditions are harsh and the charging is slow. For the price of 749 yuan, you can buy 10 pieces of 10000mah power bank.

(Apple's official website describes the polishing cloth)

In fact, MagSafe external battery is more suitable for users of the iPhone Mini Series in Foshan, and can provide them with about 67% extra power. However, the average user will probably stay away from it. After all, even an iPhone 13 Mini is dissatisfied with charging. There is a habit of charging while using. It must be an IQ tax after buying it. Here, I would like to quote the description of the polishing cloth on Apple's official website: "this polishing cloth can safely and effectively clean various apple displays, including nano texture glass panels". If you take the standard of power bank to require MagSafe to connect external batteries, you can only say that you have used the wrong key to open the wrong lock.

Now, before I go out every day, I make the MagSafe external battery adsorb on my mobile phone, pull it out and charge it after I go home, and then attach a fully charged MagSafe external battery the next day. I have rarely charged the iPhone 13 Mini directly with the power cord. Maybe this is the correct way to open the MagSafe external battery.

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