Dongyuhui, The New Oriental Anchor, Responded To The Explosion By Saying That He Was Lucky And Honored To Have Been Roast "is There No One In New Oriental?"

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After opening for half a year, the live broadcast room of "Oriental selection", a New Oriental platform for goods, has suddenly become popular. Dongyuhui, a bilingual male anchor who has been evaluated by netizens as talented, is even more popular. On June 10, the sales volume of Dongfang selection studio exceeded 15million yuan at one fell swoop. Dongyuhui wrote on his microblog:


"Early in the morning, I received Mr. Yu's concern, excitement and emotion. Last night, 108000 people listened to me in my live room, and tens of thousands of books sold out quickly. As a former teacher and now an online salesperson, I passed on knowledge, made people like reading, and finally loved life. This is my blessing, honor and mission. The vast sea of people, so you are here."

In the video interview, dongyuhui said that he did not suddenly start telling jokes, interspersed with English, but also rose from the product to the style of philosophy and literature. In fact, it has been half a year. at first, the audience's message was "can you find a good-looking male anchor? Is there no one in New Oriental?" "What's the use of saying this? I only care about the price... "

In this regard, dongyuhui frankly said that I once believed that fire was inevitable, but you have to admit that it was indeed accidental.

Finally, dongyuhui also said that I am the child of a farmer, or a young man who works hard in big cities like you and me.

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