F1: How To Watch Azerbaijan Grand Prix And Other Competitions In 2022

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This week, F1 held the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on the streets of Baku. Ferrari's Charles Leclair won the pole position, while Red Bull's max 1 vestapan will start from third. Despite finishing third in Monaco, vistapan still led leclerre by a narrow margin in the drivers' championship Championship Championship championship.

Meanwhile, Mercedes' superstar Lewis Hamilton has not won a race in 2022. He will try to win from the seventh place.

This week's Azerbaijan Grand Prix will be broadcast on ESPN at 6:55 a.m. Sunday, June 12, U.S. Eastern time.

Will Ferrari continue its unexpected success and win back the first place from the sprinting vistapan? Will Hamilton try to re-enter the competition?

Those who want to follow all the drama will need to visit ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2 and espnews to track every second of the season. The whole weekend's competition, including practice and qualifying, will be broadcast in the ESPN television network family in the United States.

No vendor has exclusive rights to the network, so there are many ways to get ESPN and watch the game without cables.

The F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix is held on Sunday, usually every two weeks. The following is the entire schedule (all times are US Eastern time):

The competition weekend usually starts on Friday. The practice match is held there, and then the qualifying match is held on Saturday. The game itself is held on Sunday. ESPN usually broadcasts practice matches and qualifying matches in a mixture of ESPN 2 and ESPN news, while games are often broadcast on ESPN. F1 events in North America are often broadcast on ABC.

Here are some of the best ways to watch an entire weekend without cable TV:

YouTube TV


You can watch the whole weekend by subscribing to YouTube TV ($65). ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN news are all included in this package, which means you will have all the channels you need to watch every second of action.

Hulu Plus Live TV


Hulu plus live TV is a little more expensive than YouTube TV ($70), but it also provides all the channels you need to watch every second of the weekend game. As an additional bonus, Hulu plus live TV is also available with the rest of the Disney package, including subscription to disney+ and espn+ packages. F1 competitions are not broadcast on espn+, but the service provides a lot of other content for loyal sports fans.

Sling TV Orange


Sling TV's $35 orange package may be a good choice for F1 fans who mainly want to watch the race on Sunday. This program is one of the cheapest ways to get ESPN and ESPN 2. Those who want to watch ESPN news will have to choose a $11 sports ad. Sling TV does not cover ABC, which may be a problem for fans who want to watch F1 games in North America.



Fubotv charges $70 per month, covering ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2. The basic package does not include ESPN, but it can be added through the Fubo extra package by paying an additional $8 per month, or by paying an elite streaming layer of $80 per month.

DirecTV Steam


DirecTV stream is the most expensive live TV service. Its cheapest $70 / month plus package includes ESPN, ESPN 2 and ABC, but users need to upgrade to the $90 / month choice plan to get ESPN.

F1 TV Pro

Live broadcast of all F1, F2, F3 and Porsche Super Cup competitions

For gear heads that want to get action from each angle, F1 also has its own streaming service. F1 TV Pro costs $80 per season and allows fans to see all F1, F2, F3 and Porsche Super Cup races. They will be able to broadcast every F1 Grand Prix race live and have access to all drivers' onboard cameras and team radios. In addition, they can also watch the complete on-demand competition, replay and collection, as well as the historical competition files of F1.

In addition, F1 offers a TV access package of $27 per year. This package only allows users to access on demand after the competition. Users can still view all F1's onboard cameras and the complete replay of F1, F2, F3 and Porsche Super Cup. In addition, it also includes historical competition files.

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