Freshman Girl's "nonsense Programming" Became Popular And Attracted 400000 Fans

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Her day shift homework made netizens call: God of China's computer industry In just two weeks, this female college student attracted 400000 + fans and more than 2.6 million likes. The usual style of criticism is like this: is this a demonstration of quantum computer computing? It's so strong. Top hackers, how awesome Some netizens even changed their cognition of computers: learning computers can be so interesting

Is this the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality? What kind of homework can make netizens admire this?

Her representative work, height calculator, was rated as "the most accurate calculator in the market" and "complete zero error"!

How exactly is this done? With such curiosity, we studied it.

Can software be developed in this way? Only you can't think of it

According to her own statement, because of the regulations of the school teachers, it is necessary to release an "elaborate" software assignment every day.

So from the 25th of last month, Mr. Chen hardly made any changes.

First, let's talk about her masterpiece height calculator.

Just enter the height to measure the height immediately. The calculation process is fast enough to fly, and it is accurate.

There is also another representative work "praised by netizens:" minute second converter ", and there will be such great wisdom as 2 minutes = *1 minute 20 seconds *.

A netizen said: "to tell you the truth, I hesitated when I saw the result." "Hacker, this is definitely a hacker!"

If we say that the two great masterpieces mentioned above, some people may still think that they are just so.

Well, you will see Mr. Chen as a real child. Because she will tell you with practical actions that software is no longer software, but has been upgraded to high Eq.

The software mentioned by netizens is called "weight calculator". As the name suggests, it is similar to the previous two, but the difference is that it is somewhat sophisticated.

For example, if you enter 90, it will tell you that there are only more than 80 kilograms; If you enter 199, it tells you that you only have more than 100 kilograms

That's great you have wood? Which girlfriend would not want to have such a "accurate" weight calculator!

And when you are struggling to buy any fruit, you can't miss Mr. Chen's fruit selector.

This selector can not only help you decide what fruit to buy, but also consider that if you are afraid to choose again, you can directly shut down .

I have to say, it's very considerate.

In addition to these "high EQ" software, there are also things that can truly show the technology flow of Mr. Chen.

For example, molesting the operating system~

Like this cat recycling bin.

With just a click, the recycle bin can be turned into a cat, which can be fed by delivering documents every day.

The following netizens also gave suggestions for improvement. It might be more interesting to let the garbage open its mouth when it is moved to the cat, or to make a moving picture to chew for a while.

You can also help you optimize your system. You can choose your needs: clean up garbage, clean up memory, repair the system, and speed up optimization.

After a rigorous calculation and analysis, the software directly gives a solution——

*Click 360 * for system installation.

This operation shocked everyone again: 360 can command, and it is definitely a top hacker.

Do you think this is over?

Nonono, after all, the title of top hackers is based on seeing!

Look at this 123 wooden man .

On the surface, clicking any button will turn off. But it's not that simple.

It first gave you a few false shots, but when you took off your guard and thought there was nothing wrong, the computer was really turned off!

In this regard, Mr. Chen himself said lightly that it was used to test people's sensitivity and responsiveness

Ladies and gentlemen, did you lose your chin?

It is worth mentioning that she also set up a QQ group to share these software packages for people to download and play. As a result, many people joined the group.

The latest group is already the sixth, and in less than a few hours, there are thousands more.

PS. however, there is something strange. She didn't give the source code. If she wants to change the program herself, she has to go to her customization .

In addition, I also asked some computer students. Mr. Chen has a large amount of homework for a software every day. Besides, I am still a freshman.

Of course, if you submit assignments like this, it's OK.

Crap software really plugs Q

And the crap software on Tiktok is far more than Chen Yihan's day.

After the appearance of the "computer God", imitators appeared in the "mortal world" one after another, and the programming level was better than that.

For example, this character tester with similar spirit and shape, netizens directly call Chen Yihan to PK.

Some even helped chenyihan to optimize. Well, it's quite different from their previous daily painting style.

Just click in and have a look. It will really tie Q~

Take the famous time-division converter (120 seconds =1 minute 20 seconds) as an example. The little brother fixes the bug and adds a mocking buff.

If the data is less than 120 seconds, you will be ridiculed by the computer: it's too simple. Do you still need to calculate it**

How about it? Is it more advanced.

There is also this free naming device, which can jump out of the child's name if you enter the name of your husband or wife. It also comes with a surprise from Lao Wang next door.

In addition to optimizing the party, intelligent netizens began to draw inferences from one instance and blaze new trails.

There are practical testing tools, such as screen on / off detection, networking detection, and startup status detection.

It has also been made into a mobile app~

It has to be said that this wave of technical level has directly increased~

Others made a random roll call system and successfully attracted Chen Yihan's attention.

Netizen: add boredom to the boring life

As for the popularity of this wave of nonsense software in Tiktok, many netizens sincerely said: it adds boredom to the boring life .

Although bored, I couldn't help watching it again. So many netizens began to play all kinds of tricks.

*Lost body *: "the Chinese computer industry cannot lose Chen Yihan, just as the West cannot lose Jerusalem." "Developers can't lose you, just like people can't lose their appendix", "just like fish can't lose their bicycles"

*Objector *: "I strongly objected to your withdrawal from software development."

*Form a contrast body *: "today is another great progress" "much better than the previous height calculator"

*Kuakuati *: "it's amazing. How did it know?" "God, that's right. Can you help me calculate it?" "top hackers, they're awesome"

In addition to adding some "boring" fun, many netizens also said that after watching Chen Yihan's video, learning computer can be so interesting.

Well, what do you think of this wave of nonsense software?

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