Google Released Android 13 Beta 3.1 To Fix The Single Problem Of Forgetting To Add Test Feedback Application

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Google often releases incremental bug fixes for its Android Developer preview and beta versions of x.1. What we just got is a new version that is much faster than expected: Android 13 beta 3.1 was launched only a few days after beta 3 was logged in, including only one correction. The new version restores the Android beta feedback application, which should have been included in the original beta 3 version, but it was not included for some reason.


The release of beta 3 was also slightly delayed on Wednesday. It was not logged in until a few hours later and after Google announced, which may be related to this.

Incremental bug fixes and updates are not uncommon. This is the case in many versions, but excluding the feedback mechanism is a shocking problem in the beta (because users have no way to give official feedback even if they find out the problem, and the beta completely loses its meaning). Therefore, it is understandable that Google wants to push updates as soon as possible.

Naturally, this update is quite small. It only fixes a single problem without feedback application.

The updated OTA image can now be obtained:

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