Another Important Parameter Exposure Of Xiaomi 12 Ultra Will Be Released Next Month: It Supports 67W Fast Charging

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Today, blogger @ panda revealed that Xiaomi 12 ultra supports 67W fast charging, and its battery capacity is 5000 ma** As we all know, the previous generation of Xiaomi 11 ultra is equipped with a large 5000 Ma battery and supports 67W wired fast charging. With 67W fast charging, Xiaomi 11 ultra can charge the 5000 Ma battery to 100% in about 36 minutes.


From this point of view, it may take about 36 minutes to charge the Xiaomi 12 ultra battery to 100%, and the speed belongs to the mainstream flagship level**

In addition to fast charging, another highlight of Xiaomi 12 ultra is the image, the machine adds Leica image algorithm, supports 8K movie master Leica video filter , Leica natural color and black-and-white filter, etc.

In addition, Xiaomi 12 ultra continues the three camera scheme of the previous generation Xiaomi 11 ultra, including ultra large bottom main camera, ultra wide angle and periscopic telephoto. It is expected to support OIS optical anti shake, which will be the strongest video phone in the history of Xiaomi.

In terms of configuration, Xiaomi 12 ultra will be equipped with the latest generation of Xiaolong 8+ flagship processor, and the maximum main frequency of its CPU has been increased to 3.2ghz. While the performance has been improved, the power consumption of Xiaolong 8+ has also been greatly optimized. According to the official statement, the CPU power consumption is reduced by about 30% compared with the snapdragon 8, and the GPU power consumption is reduced by up to 30%. The overall power consumption of the platform is reduced by about 15% compared with the snapdragon 8.

The aircraft will be officially released in July.

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