HowNet Directly Provides Duplicate Checking Service To Individual Users At A Price Of 1.5 Yuan / Thousand Words

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At 0:00 on June 12, Tongfang HowNet (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. issued the announcement: from now on, China HowNet will directly provide duplicate checking services to individual users. Please recognize< >It is the only official website for CNKI's personal duplicate checking service (see the website for specific service rules). According to the announcement, CNKI will provide individual duplication checking services for Graduate Dissertations through institutions designated by graduate training units.

In addition, HowNet also released "frequently asked questions about personal duplicate checking service" to answer public concerns about the reasons for opening personal duplicate checking, charging standards, and the security after uploading papers.

  1. HowNet once issued an announcement saying that duplicate checking "can only be used in the management process of the organization" and "never sold to any individual". What are the reasons and purposes for opening this service now?

A: in the past, HowNet only provided duplicate checking services for institutions, ignoring the actual needs of the majority of individual users such as academic standard self inspection and novelty search, which objectively caused the problem of black market and high price. In fact, duplicate checking can not replace the judgment of academic value, and the word repetition rate has no direct relationship with the quality of the paper. Therefore, after comprehensively considering the needs of academic standard management and the actual needs of teachers and students, and fully listening to the opinions of government departments, academic institutions, research integrity experts, and representatives of teachers and students, we have formulated a new personal duplication inspection service program.

  1. does the open group include graduate students? Through what channels is it open to them?

A: all individual users can log in to the only official website of China HowNet's personal duplicate checking service (< >) use the document duplication service.

In view of the particularity of the management of Graduate Dissertations, as well as the differences in disciplines, school running levels and management policies of various schools, HowNet continues to provide graduate students with free duplicate checking services for Graduate Dissertations through graduate training management institutions (graduate schools), and the number of free dissertations per person has increased from 1.5 times per person to 3 times per person. At the same time, it is planned to provide the internal institutions designated by the university with the service mode of unlimited number of times per year. As a regular channel in the University, it will provide the duplication checking service for graduate students' dissertations.

  1. what is the charging standard and basis for this personal copy checking service? What is the current level in the duplicate inspection market?

Answer: the pricing of personal edition is set at 1.5 yuan / thousand words by referring to the prevailing charging method by the number of characters in the market, which is not higher than the price of mainstream similar products in the market.

  1. what is the difference between the functions of the personal version and the institutional version? What are the further measures for the individual duplicate checking service?

A: the repetition rate detection function and results of the personal version and the institutional version are the same. In addition, the institutional version also provides batch detection, process management and other service functions.

CNKI has always actively participated in scientific research integrity education and the construction of academic atmosphere in Colleges and universities. Since the launch of the public lecture on scientific research integrity in 2016, CNKI has cooperated with experts and scholars in the field to hold hundreds of lectures on scientific research integrity and academic norms. In the future, we will also launch a new product of personal weight checking service to serve the integrity education of scientific research, the training of academic norms and the improvement of scientific research writing ability, so as to better serve personal academic growth and development.

  1. how does HowNet ensure the security of papers uploaded by individuals?

A: HowNet strictly abides by relevant legal provisions and user agreements, and ensures the security of user information and paper content from both technical and management mechanisms. The duplicate checking of papers uploaded by individual users shall be operated independently by the user, and the personal information and contents of papers shall be visible only to the user; The papers submitted by individuals for examination are only saved on the server dedicated for duplicate checking, and will be automatically deleted and unrecoverable after 30 days.

  1. how much can HowNet review play in solving or curbing academic misconduct? Will the opening of the personal duplication check service encourage academic misconduct?

Answer: the HowNet duplicate checking system is a computer software service tool. Its main function is to provide clues about suspected plagiarism, plagiarism, multiple submissions of a draft and other behaviors through the analysis of text repeatability, assist in finding the innovation of documents and promote the protection of original achievements of documents. The advantage of the computer software system is that it can be based on a large number of academic documents, provide the paper reviewers with the comparison quantity and speed that can not be achieved manually through intelligent algorithms, prevent missed inspection, and play a certain auxiliary role in curbing academic misconduct. However, the test results of the duplication checking system can not simply replace the role of peer reviews such as tutors, dissertation defense committees, academic committees, reviewers, etc. in checking the academic level and academic standardization.

In addition to the above plagiarism and plagiarism, academic misconduct also includes forging and falsifying research data and research conclusions; Purchasing, writing and investing papers on behalf of others, making up peer review experts and comments; Violating the signature standard of papers, marking without authorization or falsely marking to obtain funding from science and technology programs (special projects, funds, etc.); Practice fraud to defraud science and technology programs (special projects, funds, etc.), scientific research funds, awards, honors and other acts. None of the above behaviors can be directly detected by duplicate detection. To solve and curb academic misconduct, we need to establish an academic governance system in which all parties participate, and comprehensively manage it through policy guidance, scientific research integrity education, academic standard training, etc. The most important thing is that individuals need to build the ideological foundation of scientific research integrity from the perspective of ideological cognition, and consciously prevent various academic misconduct in scientific research activities. Therefore, there is no direct relationship between individual duplication checking service and academic misconduct.

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