NVIDIA WDDM 3.1 Geforce Driver 525.14 For Windows 11 22h2 Leaked In Advance

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With the recent release of windows 11 22h2 insider builds, the GPU drivers to be launched by AMD, NVIDIA and other manufacturers have also been exposed in advance. Earlier today, amd announced a pre released driver for windows 11 22h2. The driver is based on Microsoft's next generation windows display driver model (WDDM) v3.1.

From the early tests, the driver will be a blessing for players playing games and titles running on the OpenGL API, because there are a lot of performance improvements waiting for them.

Next, NVIDIA's windows The geforce drive of the 1122h2 was also leaked. The upcoming version 525.14 NVIDIA driver, like the early AMD radeon driver, is also developed around the latest WDDM v3.1. However, the driver is now in the testing phase. Interestingly, NVIDIA has released the windows 11 22h2 support driver for its Quadro series GPU:


The following is a screenshot of techpowerup gpu-z of the 525.14 driver provided by fards, a member of guru3d forum.

At present, it is difficult for us to guess what we can get from this driver besides supporting windows 11 22h2, because there is no official release note for 525.14.

However, most people who installed the driver on guru3d Forum agree that it seems to be a relatively stable version.

Download address:

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