IKEA And House Mafia Launched A Record Player To Be Launched This Autumn

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IKEA, which has been working in the home furnishing field for many years, has gradually raised a strong interest in various new technologies in recent years However, what this article will introduce to you is a record player that the company has announced plans to go public this autumn As a member of obergr ä NSAD family, this product was designed in cooperation with House Mafia in Sweden.


(from IKEA official website)

The two sides have worked together to produce many consumer electronics products. In addition, IKEA announced the supporting desks and armchairs.

In fact, this is not the first record player launched by IKEA. For example, in 2018, IKEA announced a product jointly built with teenage engineering.

It was expected to be released the next year, but unfortunately teenage engineering never included it in the official product on the official website support page.

IKEA Engineer carmen stoicescu Some key features of this record player are disclosed, such as USB power supply, preamplifier and replaceable stylus design.

As for more technical details - such as whether there is a built-in speaker, whether it supports Bluetooth wireless, or only wired connection - it is not known at present.

However, IKEA did point out in the press release that the player can be used with energy Bluetooth speakers, and will be launched with more than 20 other obergr ä NSAD series products this fall.

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