Women's Online Shopping For IPhone 13 Pro Is Actually An Android System Netizen's Comment: It's No Surprise To See The Price

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According to the wechat news of @ black cat complaint officer, Ms. Liu from Hubei bought a 99 new iPhone 13 Pro online. On the day when she signed for express delivery, the courier said that she would pay on delivery, which made her feel very puzzled because she had already paid online** So she contacted the store owner. The store owner said there was a mistake and asked Ms. Liu to only refund online and pay again.


*Ms. Liu did it without much thought, but a few hours later, she found that the store was suddenly closed, * but the online refund has been made, which means that it has nothing to do with the online store.

After returning home, Ms. Liu checked her mobile phone, but found that the button sound was very strange, and the number of horn holes was two more than that of the genuine one, and the most outrageous one was this Apple The mobile phone is actually an Android system**

In fact, we can find the clue from the video. Just looking at the screen, we can see that the chin that can run the aircraft carrier is obviously not genuine iphone 13 Pro。

The current situation is that the online store has been closed and the order has been returned. Theoretically, it can not be solved from the e-commerce platform. We can only see whether it can be handled through customer service.

For this matter, some netizens said that the store was already a fraud and should be found out and severely punished.

In addition, some netizens said that the lady's awareness of fraud prevention was too weak. In fact, when she saw the price of 1700 yuan, she could be sure that it was false

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