Intel Arc Alchemist Mobile GPU Fully Supported By Vulkan 1.3

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Khronos group published the specification of Vulkan 1.3 API in early 2022 Although some GPU manufacturers soon provided driver support, intel was still affected by the hardware skip of its arc alchemist GPU Previously, blue factory has provided support for Vulkan 1.3 for UHD and iris Xe series nuclear display, but recently arc a350m / a370m, a550m and a730m / a770m have finally been added to the list.

(from: khronos group)

It is reported that Intel Xe HPG Series graphics IP focuses on HPC application scenarios such as data center, cloud reasoning and artificial intelligence, while arc 370m is an entry-level / power optimization product line based on acm-g11 GPU.

The arc a370m has 8 groups of Xe core / 1024 Alu units with a frequency of 1550 MHz, supplemented by 64 bit @ 4GB gddr6 video memory and a TDP of 35-50w. It is benchmarked with NVIDIA RTX 3050 competitors.

Vulkan 1.3 now fully supports Intel arc alchemist mobile GPU

Secondly, the arc a350m has 6 groups of Xe cores / 768 Alu units, 6 optical tracking units, a main frequency of 1150 MHz, supplemented by 64 bit @ 4GB gddr6 video memory. Positioning entry-level, TDP power consumption between 25-35w, benchmarking NVIDIA mx500 series mobile GPU.

In addition, the arc a730 m is said to match the NVIDIA RTX 3070, but the game performance is only slightly better than the RTX 3050. Finally, we speculate that the desktop version of arc alchemist GPU will soon appear in the Vulkan 1.3 support list of Khronos group.

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