Is It Reliable To Pay 17800 Yuan For The Perfect World "pay To Work" Project First?

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Recently, the game company perfect world was exposed to have set up a "pay to work" project of 17800 yuan. You can pay the fee to participate in a seamless big world multiplayer online survival online game developed by perfect technology center. Many fresh students said that this move was surprising, "perfect world company has set up a paid internship work project?" In response, the company responded that this was an internal trainee training, limited to 14 people.

Recently, a picture of "perfect world industry... Practice project" attracted netizens' attention. The picture shows that the project personnel will jointly develop a multiplayer online survival online game with the perfect world technology center. There are 14 applicants and the application fee is 17800 yuan. After participating in the project, students will practice for 3 months or more. This move was called "paid to work" by some netizens.

Pay to work? For this matter, many netizens have expressed doubts. Some netizens said: "this project is actually more like a paid internship" "6000 yuan per month?" "Before, there was a joke that let college students pay for work, which not only enabled college students to find a job, but also enabled the company to continue operating with cash flow. Unexpectedly, this joke turned into a reality."

In this regard, In response to the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily, the relevant person in charge of perfect world said: "There are many misunderstandings due to the incomplete interpretation of the information. The actual situation is that this is an internal project of pixel seed Vocational Education under perfect world education. The screenshot clearly states that it is only limited to internal students and 14 people, not an external project. It is also true that during the teaching process, I received more student feedback and wanted to enter the actual development and operation of the project, so I arranged this project for internal students."

According to the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily, this project is aimed at online students of perfect world education and students who have graduated from perfect world education. There are two ways to apply, one is to apply actively and enter the project team after ability assessment, and the other is to directly enter the project team after being recommended by tutors. The cost of joining the project team is 17800 yuan. After entering the working group, students need to complete a series of work such as planning, original painting, 3D modeling, action, special effects, etc. on the basis of understanding the core playing methods of the project. According to the development progress of the game project, the practice time will be as long as three months or more, and there will be no additional charge for the part exceeding three months. A total of 14 places will be released for the practice project, covering many types of work such as art, original painting, action, special effects and planning of game development. At present, under the pressure of public opinion, perfect world company has suspended the business.

According to Tianyan survey, perfect world education technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and A-share listed company perfect world Co., Ltd. belong to perfect world holding group. According to the information on the company's official website, "perfect world education has been a listed group for 15 years. It has been a front-line leader in the United States for internal training and practical operation, with high salary employment. It has joined the perfect world, learned creative thinking from industry masters, and improved the gold content of industry competition! You can create games in the future."

In this regard, liuxingliang, President of DCCI Internet Research Institute, said that under the current employment situation, a small number of people will choose to spend money to buy project practice experience. For the company, even if it recruits interns, it has to pay salaries. However, if the training course is opened in this way, it can obtain greater benefits than interns without paying salaries. The company is very "chicken thief". In this regard, liuxingliang said: "this kind of atmosphere can never be long."

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