It's Not In Black And White. The Price Tag Of The Supermarket Is Actually An Electronic Screen

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Have you noticed when you are shopping in the supermarket? No matter how big or small the supermarket is, almost every day there are special promotional products that do not duplicate the sample. But there is a problem: if the sales promotion is not repeated every day, does the price tag of the supermarket also need the salesperson to write it again every day? In fact, if you look carefully, you will find that before you know it, all kinds of paper price tags on supermarket shelves have already quietly become small "screens". There is no need to write by hand. As long as relevant information is input in the system background, the price tag will directly display the price after promotion.

In fact, the electronic price tag has basically become the standard configuration of the new retail industry. Many large supermarkets, as well as various new convenience stores and unmanned convenience stores have used electronic price tags to replace the traditional paper price tags. So, what is the "black technology" of this "unimaginable" electronic price tag?

"Write" the price tag in electronic ink

Generally speaking, the screen of supermarket electronic price tag is an ink screen. Electronic ink screen is also called electronic paper display technology (EPD).

In fact, the principle of the electronic ink screen is very simple. It consists of two substrates on which there are many electronic inks. E-ink can be seen as a very small capsule, each of which is filled with liquid charge. When a negative electric field is applied to both ends of the microcapsule, the positively charged white particles will move to the negative pole of the electric field under the action of the electric field. At the same time, the negatively charged particles will move to the bottom of the microcapsule to hide. In this way, each pixel can display white or black.

We can think of the microcapsule as a big ball. The big ball contains dozens of small balls. Instead of air, the ball is filled with paint. If we look at the big ball from the top, we can see that there are many small white balls suspended inside, so the big ball looks white; When you look at the big ball from the bottom, all you see is paint, so the big ball looks black. If we put thousands of big balls into a container and make the small balls move between the top and bottom of the big balls, we can see that the container is changing color. This is the basic principle of electronic ink.

Electronic price tag can accurately locate goods

More and more supermarkets are using electronic price tags. So what are the benefits of using electronic price tags?

First of all, the supermarket has a wide range of commodities and countless categories. The price tags of commodities are updated frequently. Especially in holidays, shopping malls will promote sales, and the replacement frequency of price tags will reach the peak. However, the replacement of traditional paper labels requires employees to print, cut, verify and replace labels, which not only wastes time, but also consumes human and material resources. Using electronic price tags can greatly reduce the workload required by supermarkets to replace paper labels and reduce labor costs.

At the same time, the electronic price tag can keep the price of items on the shelf consistent with the actual price at the cashier, which can effectively improve the shopping experience of consumers.

In addition, the electronic price tag also has the advantages of low power consumption, good flexibility, environmental protection and low carbon, simple operation, timely update and low price.

Finally, after using the electronic price tag, each commodity has its own unique ID. when supermarket employees need to know the specific location of a commodity, they can only see the location of the shelf where the commodity is located through the background system, so as to achieve accurate positioning and improve work efficiency.

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