LuoYongHao Announced In The Early Morning That He Would Quit The Social Platform "zhenhuanchuan". Is It Really The End?

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Teacher Luo Yonghao's "true biography" may really have a big ending! Late at night on the 12th, Luo Yonghao sent a document saying: it has been nearly 13 years in the blink of an eye. How fast it has passed. Tomorrow, I will officially quit Weibo and all social platforms and start my business again. According to a friend, in principle, he will not be interviewed by the media in the next few years. Luo Yonghao hopes to eliminate external interference through this move and "concentrate on the research and development of the next generation of intelligent platform products". At the same time, Luo Yonghao's new microblog "product manager Luo Yonghao" is limited to business-related communication and rumor refutation.

According to sina science and technology, the entrepreneurial direction Luo Yonghao will focus on belongs to the AR field. Luo Yonghao says that AR is the next generation computing platform and wants to make a [iphone] like 2007 in the AR era( ) + things like IOS will become the next platform similar to Apple The same company. He said that he was sure to win at the product level, but it was not enough to rely on good products for such a platform level war. Therefore, he was also prepared to be acquired by large companies. If he could not, he would become the huami ov in the AR era. Luo Yonghao will put everything into the business and make it clear that this is the last opportunity. He believes that he will leave something to the world.

As early as June 7, Luo Yonghao announced that he would quit the management of "making friends" and shift his focus to AR entrepreneurship projects. "Make a friend" company held an online internal speech yesterday. Luo Yonghao announced that he would quit the company's management and focus on AR entrepreneurship projects. At the same time, Luo Yonghao said that he would not leave the company completely. In the future, he would still carry out two or three live broadcasts every month in the live studio where he would make friends.

On June 2, the "LuoYongHao" Tiktok account was officially upgraded to "make a friend live room", which continues to be operated by Beijing make a friend Digital Technology Co., Ltd. The account Avatar has also been changed from Luo Yonghao's single photo to the anchor team of "make a friend", and the group photo C is Huang He, the founder of "make a friend".

Earlier, it was reported that Luo Yonghao would "break up" with a live studio friend and take away more than 100million breakup fees. In response, Huang He, the founder of making friends, said that Luo Yonghao did not completely fade out of the live broadcasting industry, and would still go back to the live broadcasting room for live broadcasting, probably once a week.

On June 6, according to the judicial information, Luo Yonghao recently added two pieces of information about the person to be executed: one of the execution objects was 14585665 yuan, which was caused by the contract dispute between Luo Yonghao and Qingdao jinshihao Investment Co., Ltd; Another execution target is 14585665 yuan. The case is a dispute between LuoYongHao and Zhejiang Haining Jiahui Investment Co., Ltd. The total amount of the two execution objects exceeds 29million yuan, and the execution court is the first intermediate people's Court of Beijing Municipality.

In response, @ make a friend sent a message in the live broadcast room, saying that the two cases were the company's debt generated during the operation of hammer technology's mobile phone business. At present, the debt has been handled according to the scheduled payment plan. The purpose of the court's resumption of execution is to handle the case settlement procedures. Similar situations will occur in the future. At present, Mr. Luo is still working hard and repaying the company's remaining debts as planned. Thank you for your attention.

"Zhenhuanchuan" has a big ending

As early as October 2021, Luo Yonghao said, "I will return to the technology industry next spring." At the same time, he also stressed that he would go back on the day when the debt was paid. But now, the late night of the 12th, the "start up again", does it also indirectly imply that the debt has been paid off?

In 2012, Luo Yonghao founded hammer technology.

Since the second half of 2018, the crisis of hammer technology has broken out. Hammer technology owes about RMB 600million to banks, partners and suppliers at most. And he signed more than RMB 100 million without personal liability guarantee. In november2019, LuoYongHao was issued a consumption restriction order by Danyang people's court due to debt problems. During the "debt repayment" period, Luo Yonghao also tried to start a business for many times, from chatting treasure to Ono electronic cigarette to "shark skin", but with little effect. He was even jokingly called the "tuyere buster" and broke down in his own line of work. Later, Luo Yonghao, who "brought his own traffic", switched to the live broadcast and cargo industry, and finally found the right direction, with considerable benefits.

In April, 2020, Luo Yonghao changed his career to live broadcasting and goods carrying industry, and has officially found the right direction since then.

At the end of 2020, in the third season of the variety show "talk show conference", Luo Yonghao made his debut in the talk show, and publicly said that his 600million debt since the end of 2018 had been paid off 400million, and the rest was expected to be paid off within one year.

In January this year, Luo Yonghao publicly said, "we will certainly announce it ourselves in the first time (after all, we are more anxious than anyone to complete this matter. Thank you for your attention". Lao Luo's active debt repayment has also been affirmed by many netizens. Many netizens left a message on the microblog of the live room where they made a friend: "looking forward to the 'truth' ending.".

Finally, I wish Mr. Luo a successful start-up!

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