Jiang Meng, A 45 Year Old Computer Magnate, Was Elected President Of Purdue University

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The first Chinese President of Purdue University was born! Jiang Meng, a 45 year old computer magnate, was elected as a graduate student of the University of Honshu and quanteng. He was also a member of the industry university research Grand Slam. Previously, he had repeatedly rejected other famous universities. Just now, Jiang Meng, a 45 year old Chinese scientist, was appointed the 13th president of Purdue University. The scientist, who was born in Tianjin, China, had previously been the "sweet cake" of many American universities, but he refused the invitation and chose to stay at Purdue University.

Jiang Meng has been the dean of John A. Edwardson School of engineering at Purdue University since 2017 and the executive vice president in charge of strategy since April 2021.

This appointment also made him the first Chinese president in the history of the school, and also the second president appointed from within.

The first is Winthrop stone, who entered the Department of chemistry of Purdue University in 1889 and served as president from 1900 to 1921.

"Pudu people" who love ice cream: olive branches from famous schools

On June 10, the board of directors of Purdue University announced that the current president of John A. Edwardson School of engineering and the executive vice president in charge of strategic initiatives, Dr. jiangmeng (right), were unanimously elected as the next president of the University.

He will succeed the current president mitchdaniels (left), and this appointment will take effect on January 1, 2023.

Jiang Meng was born in Tianjin, China in 1977. He studied in Hong Kong in 1988 and entered Stanford University in 1995.

In 2003, he received his doctor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University, taught at Princeton University from 2004 to 2013, and served as Dean of Purdue University School of Engineering in 2017.

At the end of 2019, he joined the US State Department as chief scientific adviser.

During his five years at Purdue University, he led the College of engineering to the highest ranking in history, with a sharp rise in the ranking of undergraduate and graduate students.

Purdue University currently ranks No. 4 in graduate programs, No. 3 in online correspondence programs, and No. 10 in undergraduate education. Among the top 10 in the United States, Purdue University has the largest undergraduate enrollment.

In addition, during Jiang Meng's tenure, the research funds sponsored by the government and the industry of the University set a new record. At present, 12 national research centers are located in Purdue University.

At the same time, he has played a central role in establishing new relations with federal agencies in the national security and economic development sectors.

Michael berghoff, chairman of the board of directors of Purdue University, said:

"Jiang Meng is an ideal candidate to lead Purdue University to achieve the next leap. The board of directors is confident in this choice because we have witnessed his excellent performance in the past five years."

"He has demonstrated not only his outstanding academic achievements, but also his keen administrative skills and public communication skills. He has established effective relations with academia, government and business partners. He has all the talents and experience required to lead us further. The board of directors thanked him for his loyalty to Purdue University."

Berghoff said "loyalty" because Jiang Meng received olive branches from other universities more than once in the past few years, but he refused them.

In December, 2021, Jiang Meng received an invitation from the University of South Carolina to serve as president of the University. He has passed the approval of the 20 member appointment team of the University, and even announced that the meeting and induction meeting have been arranged.

But in the end, Purdue University announced that Jiang Meng would withdraw from the election and continue to stay in Purdue.

Jiang Meng himself also issued a statement saying that he was glad to have the opportunity to be listed as a candidate, but withdrew from the election for family reasons.

"Considering various family factors, after discussing with my family, I agreed that the best action plan is to let me focus on my family and the responsibilities of my current college. Other opportunities will not be considered for the time being."

Purdue University spokesman Tim Doty said in a statement: "Jiang Meng is one of the most respected thinkers and academic leaders in the United States. We are very grateful that it is not the first time that he has chosen to refuse to serve as a prestigious president and chose to stay with us."

It is believed that Jiang Meng's appointment as president of Purdue University is also a reward for such "loyalty".

At the appointment meeting, Jiang Meng also issued a statement. While thanking the former president for his outstanding contributions, he was deeply honored to be the president, and said that he was always ready to "listen" to the voices of all parties.

Jiang Meng at the board of directors of Purdue University

Jiang Meng said:

It is the highest and most humble honor to be elected as the next president of Purdue University by the board of directors: in the past 153 years, from the Wabash River to the moon, generations of people have contributed immeasurably to our country, our country and mankind.

President Daniels built Purdue University into the most influential public university in the United States. Under his leadership, our university has gained the most powerful academic reputation. From record enrollment to record high excellence in research, Purdue University safely reopened during the epidemic, which is the leading in the country. The financial situation of the university is stronger than ever before.

In the past five years, I have the honor to be a member of the Purdue University team. I still have a lot of things to continue to learn from each of you like a student.

Next, my responsibility begins with listening, listening to the voices of students, teachers, employees, alumni, neighbors, as well as the voices of friends and family members from states, countries and global partners, Purdue University.

Neilarmstrong said that knowledge is the foundation of all human achievements and progress. The university will always reserve a pure land for all those who pursue knowledge and love exploration. I will always be grateful for the honor of serving our university talents, and I am also proud to serve in higher education.

Pay tribute to our Purdue!

Here is an interesting story about Jiang Meng. When he was studying at Princeton University, he developed a hobby of eating ice cream.

It is said that he has explored the ice cream stalls on the Princeton campus. "If I want to say what I am best at, it should include ice cream tasting."

Even when he became the dean of Purdue Engineering College and had a busy schedule, he did not forget to explore the ice cream shop. As a result, he really found the ice cream shop "pappy dessert shop" in the campus of the Academy of engineering.

Jiangmeng, a professional ice cream eater, said that the chocolate ice cream of "pappy dessert shop" is the best with cola. And you can't use the evil Diet Coke without sugar. You should use the original coke with a small spoonful of chocolate ice cream. It tastes the most beautiful.

When the Purdue school newspaper reported the news of the new principal taking office, it specifically mentioned that the students can now go to the "pappy dessert shop" more often and have an opportunity to meet the principal.

It has gone through three famous universities and across industry, University and Research Institute

Jiang Meng received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and mathematics, and his master's and doctor's degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1999, 2000 and 2003 respectively.

In terms of research, Jiang Meng won the 38th alan t. Waterman award in 2013 for his "basic contribution to the analysis, design and optimization of wireless networks", which is the highest honor for American researchers under the age of 40.

He is not only the fourth Princeton University teacher to win the award, but also the only scholar from the network field among the winners.

Jiang Meng's pioneering work in edge computing, network utility maximization and wireless resource allocation won the IEEE infocom Achievement Award (2022), Guggenheim Scholarship (2014), IEEE Kiyo tomiyasu Award (2012), presidential scientist and engineer early career award (2008) and the MIT Technology Review TR35 Award (2007).

His research works on Internet congestion control and routing, wireless power control and dispatching, cloud and video optimization, intelligent data pricing and social learning network have been cited for more than 30000 times, with an H index of 81, and won the best paper award in IEEE infocom (2012), IEEE secon (2013) and ACM mobihoc (2021).

In addition, he was elected IEEE fellow in 2012, and was elected to the National Institute of inventors of the United States (2020) and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (2021).

In terms of teaching, Jiang Meng won the outstanding teaching award in engineering field of Princeton University (2016) for creating interdisciplinary undergraduate courses, flipped classes and teaching one of the first large-scale open online courses of the University. The course has been taught by more than 400000 people.

His textbook online life (2012) won ASEE Frederick E. Terman (2013) and the prose award of the American Publishers Association (2012).

He has trained more than 50 doctoral students and postdoctors, 24 of whom have become teachers of research universities.

As an inventor and entrepreneur, most of Jiang Meng's 25 U.S. patents have been authorized and deployed by the communication and network industries.

Based on the research of Princeton edge laboratory, he co founded three start-ups in the fields of mobile network, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, and co founded a global non-profit organization openfog alliance, which is now a part of the global industrial Internet Alliance.

Apple co founders Steve Wozniak and Jiang Meng

Time goes back almost 20 years.

Jiang Meng is one of the youngest professors in Princeton University. He became an assistant professor in 2004, a lifelong associate professor in 2008 and a professor in 2011.

In 2013, Jiang Meng became Arthur Legrand Doty professor of electrical engineering. In the following two years, he served as the director of Keller engineering education innovation center and the first chairman of Princeton entrepreneurship Committee.

Princeton edge lab was founded by him in 2009. It has crossed the gap between network research theory and practice from evidence to prototype. It is the first laboratory dedicated to edge computing in the United States.

In july2017, Jiang Meng became Dean of John A. Edwardson, School of engineering, Purdue University. At the age of 40, he was the youngest major college leader in the modern history of American universities.

In April, 2021, Jiang Meng became the executive vice president in charge of strategy, and served as Roscoe h. George professor of electrical and computer engineering, and continued to serve as the dean of the College of engineering.

In charge of the College of engineering, ranking among the top five in the United States

The College of engineering, Purdue University is subordinate to Purdue University, a famous American institution of higher learning. It is one of the top engineering colleges in the world.

The name of the engineering college is well-known in the industry and academia, and it is also the university that produces the most American astronauts. It has trained 22 American astronauts, including Armstrong, the first man to land on the moon, and Eugene Cernan, the last astronaut to land on the moon. It is known as the "mother of American aerospace".

The school of engineering of Purdue University wrote on its official website: "the cradle of network security and hypersonic technology research in the United States. The rapidly growing graduates and innovation fields are most favored by employers in the professional fields such as aerospace, manufacturing, medical and financial consulting in the United States."

This self description is obviously not bragging. Because according to the most widely accepted university rankings and enrollment data of American news and world report, Purdue University School of engineering is indeed very popular.

The total number of students admitted to Purdue University increased by 16% in 2021 and 43% in the past 10 years.

The Engineering School of Purdue University ranks among the top five in the engineering projects of American news and world report. In 2021 and 2022, it ranked fourth in the United States for two consecutive times (tied with Carnegie Mellon University in 2022).

Purdue University School of engineering includes the following disciplines:

Aerospace Engineering, biochemical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, industrial engineering, material engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, agriculture and biological engineering, engineering education, engineering education, construction engineering and management, etc.

Among them, 7 departments have entered the top 10 of the discipline, 11 departments have entered the top 15 of the discipline, and 8 departments have improved compared with the previous year.

Specifically, the press release on Purdue University's official website stated that "except for petrochemicals, the university has the most perfect competitiveness in all disciplines of engineering schools."

Among them, the Department of agriculture and bioengineering of Purdue is well deserved to be the first in the United States: in the past 12 years, it has been ranked first or second in the list of American news and world report, and the graduate program has been ranked first in the United States in the past 11 years.

Others include:

The Department of Aerospace Engineering ranked 520th in the United States, ranking 6th in 2001.

The departments of civil engineering and industrial engineering both ranked 720th in the United States and 10th in the year of 21.

The Department of electrical and computer engineering ranked 9th in the United States and 11th in 2001.

The Department of environment and nuclear engineering both ranked 112th in the United States and 14th in 2001.

The Department of materials engineering ranked 132th in the United States and 17th in 2001.

The Department of chemical engineering ranked 142th in the United States and 16th in 2001.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering ranked 29th in the United States and 33rd in 2021. However, it ranks 7th among schools without medical schools.

The engineering college ranks high, driving the ranking of doctoral programs and discipline investment. The doctoral programs of 11 departments now rank among the top in the United States.

As for the investment ranking of departments and colleges of statistics and computer science, Purdue now ranks among the top 25 in the United States. If it is subdivided into programming language and topology, Purdue now ranks among the top 15 in the United States

When the list was updated in March, 2022, Mr. Jiang Meng commented in person: "from the overall point of view, the momentum of progress and excellent strength of the College of engineering are undeniable.

Although all rankings are noisy, this time still clearly reflects that all teachers and students of the engineering college are practicing the college slogan of "comprehensive and perfect peak."

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