Jurassic World 3 Broke 300million At The Box Office, Becoming The Box Office Champion Of Imported Films In 2022

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According to the real-time data of Lighthouse professional edition, as of 13:56 on June 12, the box office of the dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic world 3 exceeded 300million, and surpassed the bad guys alliance as the top box office of imported films in 2022** Looking back at the box office of Jurassic world 3: it exceeded 100million at 21:06 on June 10 and 200million at 17:24 on June 11.


Jurassic world 3 has now entered the 8th place in the total box office of 2022* According to the previous media box office prediction, the final box office of Jurassic world 3 may be between RMB 700million and RMB 1.3 billion *, which will further improve its position in the overall box office list in 2022 and is expected to enter the top four.

Driven by Jurassic world 3, the one-day box office of the domestic film market has returned to the scale of 100 million yuan (its daily contribution to the box office accounts for more than 85%), plus the national cinema operating rate has reached more than 80% and more films have been put on file, which has also gradually raised the popularity of the summer season.

Jurassic world 3, a sci-fi thriller produced by universal pictures, is the latest sequel to the classic "Jurassic" IP. It is also the end of the trilogy "Jurassic Park" and two "Jurassic world".

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