Kb5014770 Open Test: Windows 11 File Manager Introduces Tabs And New Navigation Experience

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As a member of the windows insider project for beta channel, today, Microsoft released the cumulative update kb5014770 for windows 11. After installation and upgrade, the version number rose to build 22621.160** The most noteworthy improvement in this update is that the file explorer has introduced the tab function and a new navigation experience.

● document manager tab

To help you operate in multiple paths at the same time, the title bar of the file manager now has the tab function. Microsoft wants users to give feedback on this feature.

● document manager left navigation

File explorer also introduces a refresh layout for the left navigation pane, allowing you to easily navigate to folders that are important to you. The updated organization can easily access fixed and frequently used folders (quick access) and add to windows Onedrive cloud profile for.

The onedrive cloud profile reflects the user name associated with the account. The known windows folders that are available by default in the navigation pane no longer appear under this PC to focus the view on your PC drive. When you navigate to a folder synced to onedrive (such as documents, pictures, etc.), the address bar will display the correct path to help you clearly understand whether your folder is in the cloud or a local folder.

[Microsoft started to launch this feature, so it is not yet available to all preview experience members in the beta channel. ] feedback: Please store it in files, folders and online > Submit feedback in the feedback Center (Win + F) under file explorer.

● known problems

The up arrow in the file explorer tab is not aligned. This will be fixed in future updates.

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