Luo Yonghao Mocked Apple In His "Declaration Of Withdrawal From The Internet": Almost Zero Innovation After Jobs' Death

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This afternoon, LuoYongHao released the final "Declaration of withdrawal" through his personal microblog. After today, the microblog will be renamed "make a friend", and he will devote himself to a new entrepreneurial project - ar As far as AR is concerned, there are no products that can be sold in the global market at present. However, as the richest technology company in the world, Apple has always been considered to launch an ar/vr/xr type product that subverts everyone's perception, because they have been deployed in this field for many years.


Luo Yonghao also talked about [Apple] in his final interview( ) Similar products.

He said: "I believe Apple will definitely make some hard core indicators in terms of hardware or technical parameters that the world cannot do. but I have little expectation for their product innovation. "

LuoYongHao further stressed that in the whole 11 years after jobs' death, the company has done a good job except for one wireless headset. Other products are almost zero innovation, and some products are even significantly backward

He said that at this stage, almost the whole world is looking forward to Apple's new products. It seems that it is only because it is now the richest technology company in the world.

Another reason why he is not optimistic about Apple is that during the platform revolution, the dominator of the new world is almost never the overlord of the old world, although the overlord of the old world must be the strongest in resources.

Do you think what LuoYongHao said is reasonable

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