Major Achievements Of Archaeological Excavation At Sanxingdui Site Were Released, And Nearly 13000 Cultural Relics Were Unearthed In 6 Pits

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According to the @ CCTV news report, on June 13, the press conference on the progress and main achievements of the archaeological excavation in the sacrificial area of Sanxingdui site was held in Guanghan, Sichuan. At present, CCTV news is broadcasting the press conference on various platforms, live address: Baidu , Weibo。**

According to the official introduction, after more than a year of excavation, the archaeological excavation of the six newly discovered sacrificial pits in Sanxingdui has entered the final stage.

At present, the site sacrificial area has been basically confirmed. The Shang Dynasty remains distributed in the sacrificial area are related to sacrificial activities, covering an area of nearly 13000 square meters

Nearly 13000 numbered cultural relics were unearthed from the six pits, including 3155 relatively complete cultural relics

By may2022, the field excavation of K3, K4, K5 and K6 has been completed, of which K3 and K4 are in the stage of sorting, K5 and K6 are carrying out laboratory archaeological cleaning, and K7 and K8 are in the stage of extracting buried cultural relics

1293 pieces were unearthed in K3: 764 pieces of bronze, 104 pieces of gold, 207 pieces of jade, 88 pieces of stone tools, 11 pieces of pottery, 104 pieces of ivory and 15 others;

79 pieces unearthed in K4: 21 pieces of bronze, 9 pieces of jade, 2 pieces of pottery and 47 pieces of ivory; K5 extracted 23 pieces: 2 pieces of copper, 19 pieces of gold and 2 pieces of jade; Only two jades were unearthed in K6; 706 pieces were unearthed in K7: 383 pieces of bronze, 52 pieces of gold, 140 pieces of jade, 1 piece of stone, 62 pieces of ivory and 68 other pieces; 1052 pieces were unearthed in K8: 68 pieces of bronze, 368 pieces of gold, 205 pieces of jade, 34 pieces of stone tools and 377 pieces of ivory.

Typical cultural relics include K3 gold mask, bronze top statue kneeling, bronze top altar statue, bronze top statue head, copper small standing portrait with pointed hat, copper head with standing crown, copper dragon climbing device cover, copper plate dragon device cover, copper large mask, copper round mouth square statue, copper animal head with bird round statue, copper small divine beast, sacred tree pattern jade Cong, and carved jade base;

The bronze figure of K4 kneeling with its head turned, and the gold mask, bird shaped gold ornaments and ivory carvings of K5;

Jade knives and wooden cases of K6;

K7's tortoise back grid shaped ware, bronze top Zhang dragon shaped ornament, three hole jade wall shaped ware;

K8's bronze head with gold mask, copper figure with snake body on top, copper altar, copper giant beast, copper dragon, copper standing figure with skirt, copper standing figure with ivory, copper pig nose dragon, copper Temple shaped cover, stone chimes, etc.

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