Mdhr Studio Bid Farewell To Teacup Head And Is Planning The Next Game

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"Teacup head" DLC "the last delicious dish" will be officially launched on June 30. In an interview with the media, Chad moldenhauer, joint game director of mdhr studio, said that the development of teacup will come to an end after DLC is listed. This is understandable. After all, the development of this game has gone through 12 years since 2010.


The development team wants to have "depth and detail" in every aspect of the game, especially in hand drawn animation. In addition, they also need to ensure that the whole development process is "healthy and sustainable", that is, to avoid excessive overtime. These are also the main reasons why DLC, which was originally scheduled to be launched in 2019, finally bounced many times.

Now, DLC is ready, and mdhr has begun to consider what will happen after teacup.

Moldenhauer said: "we once said that this is the final farewell task of teacup. As for whether we have anything else to do now? The answer is yes. Now DLC is on the line, and our mind is also in a good state. It is a good time to invest in other games of other styles. So next, we will continue to make games with mdhr studio style, hoping to surprise everyone."

Teacup head: the last delicious dish will go on sale on June 30, landing on PC, PS4 and xbox One and NS platforms.

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