Japanese Vending Machines Advanced Steaks Can Also Be Sold

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As we all know, Japan is one of the countries with the largest variety and quantity of vending machines in the world. However, as far as the variety of vending machines is concerned, it is estimated that other countries cannot match it. Today, June 12, Japanese media reported the development of Japanese vending machines. Thanks to the introduction of the latest technology, even ramen and high-grade steak have become the goods in vending machines.


• according to the statistics of the Japan vending machine Association, by the end of December 2021, there were 2.3 million vending machines of various types in Japan. Moreover, compared with our common packaged snack and beverage vending machines, there are more types of vending machines in Japan, which are more exotic than you can imagine.

• the media reporter showed a vending machine near the Zhongyan station in Shinagawa, Tokyo. You will be surprised to find that these vending machines do not sell drinks and snacks at all, but hot ramen, barbecue, crab dishes, etc. in short, they are all kinds of hot food and high-grade dishes that can only be eaten in restaurants.

• according to the shopkeeper who set up the vending machine, such a wonderful vending machine will actually arouse the doubts of consumers about whether they can eat it. The shopkeeper responded that every dish will be tried by many people before it is put on the shelves to ensure that the taste is not bad. In the future, it is planned to expand the setting scale and venue, so that more consumers can easily and quickly enjoy the "charm" of the self selling machine advanced cuisine.

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