More Than 100000 People Wrote A Letter To Protest Toyota's "disobedience" In Selling Cars

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Recently, it was reported that more than 10000 car owners signed a petition signed by 110044 people, protesting against Toyota and urging it to speed up the electrification process and stop clinging to fossil fuels It was reported that these people were dissatisfied with Toyota's efforts to develop new energy vehicles, and said that Toyota's plan to convert 14% of its new vehicles to electrified vehicles by the end of 2030 violated the Paris Agreement.

The third-party evaluation organizations influencemap, Mobil and Chevron listed Toyota as a car company opposed to climate policy. One month after the evaluation, Toyota announced that it would turn more than 50% of cars in Western Europe into zero emissions by 2030.

The report points out that "traditional automobile manufacturers, such as Toyota and Nissan, are expected to have the lowest proportion of zero emission vehicle production in the world in 2029 (14% and 22% respectively), and their emissions exceeding the standard are also the most serious for the implementation of climate policies."

A car owner said in the petition: please put our future environment above your profits and support the EU's emission targets. Otherwise, loyal customers like us will stop buying Toyota and turn to other more environmentally responsible brands.

"I drive a Prius, and I tell you not to emphasize prolonging the use of fossil fuels... You must realize that you are ruining the future of our children. If you stick to this stupid policy, I will sell your car."

It is worth noting that, prior to this, Akio Toyoda, chairman of Toyota Motor, has also bombarded electric vehicles for many times. "I am dissatisfied with the emerging electric vehicle revolution" and "pure electric vehicles will actually bring more pollution, because in some places, electric energy is mainly supplied by burning coal and natural gas. In addition, many enterprises will die out, and many investment funds will be wasted."

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