Netizens Found That The Villain In Jurassic World 3 Has A Super Image With Apple's CEO: The Base Is Also Like Apple Park

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Recently, "Jurassic world 3" has been released in many regions around the world, including the mainland. At present, it performs very well. According to the real-time data of Lighthouse professional edition, as of 21:06 on June 10, the box office of Jurassic world 3 had exceeded 100million, with a total of 2.714 million film viewers**

However, it is worth noting that some careful netizens have found a very interesting problem, that is, Lewis Dodgson, CEO of biosyn, the villain in the film, and Apple CEO cook is very similar, not only in appearance and style, but also in action**

*In addition to these two core figures, the base of biosyn is also very similar to the apple Park in the headquarters of apple. Both * adopt circular design with patches of green. In the real world, there are not many buildings with similar design.

According to the latest feedback from netizens, many friends regard the villain CEO as cook when watching the movie.

I don't know if the film maker did it intentionally, or if Apple and cook were used for reference.

The title of Jurassic world 3 is "rule", which is the end of the Jurassic world series. The story takes place four years after the complete destruction of nubula island. Dinosaurs have fully entered the world and human society. Everyone can meet and touch them, which also triggered a series of stories.

The delicate balance between humans and dinosaurs is about to reshape the future, and will determine whether humans can survive with the most terrible creatures in history from now on, while still maintaining the status of the top predator on the earth. The development of the story is very interesting.

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