TSMC Suddenly Warned That Advanced Technology Should Be Out Of Stock

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The global semiconductor industry has encountered a capacity crisis in the past two years, resulting in the shortage and price rise of various chips, affecting many industries such as automobile and consumer electronics. The chip supply would have improved significantly in the second half of 2022. However, at this time, TSMC suddenly came out with bad news, warning customers that the capacity of the next year was not as expected.


According to a source from the supply chain quoted by Taiwan media, TSMC recently issued a notice to its customers, saying that the arrival of advanced manufacturing equipment was delayed, and the production capacity increase in the next year and the following year may not be as expected.

According to the information announced at the recent shareholders' meeting of TSMC, the capital expenditure next year will be as high as $40billion, mainly used to expand the capacity of advanced processes. although the notice does not mention specific processes, TSMC's statement implies that the capacity of advanced processes such as 4nm and 3nm will be very tight next**

US media also quoted the words of Handel Jones, CEO of BIS, a research institution, as saying that due to the sharp increase in market demand and the shortage of semiconductor equipment, the capacity of 3nm and 2nm advanced processes is facing challenges, and there may be a gap of 10% or even 20% between 2024 and 2025.

It is uncertain what kind of impact the notice issued by TSMC will have in the end. However, from the perspective of exchanges, once the chip manufacturers say that their production capacity is tight, the next thing will be out of stock and price increases. After all, TSMC is currently the largest and most advanced wafer foundry in the world, Apple Can't get rid of dependence**

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